Video Doorbell

I’m sure they could reword it to make it easier to understand and avoid future misunderstandings. You can recommend this change to @WyzeGwendolyn.

I am feeling the same way, and i hope we are wrong, but it sure does seem like we got brought into this ecosystem with standard features that are slowly being left out little by little in future products leading us to needing subscription services to make these products viable…if that is the case i too will be out


Gotcha. It would have been better with a SD card slot I agree. Then you wouldn’t have to depend on a subscription. :+1:

Yes, and I don’t want to rehash a debate I had a month or three ago here. I thought this didn’t (and doesn’t) look enough like a traditional doorbell with a clearly delineated button or spot to push, leading to confusion and hesitation for anyone approaching it. Hardly anyone seems to agree with me.

Since it is hard wired I would expect there will be hacks aplenty to get it to trigger things like Home Assistant.


No worries, you can not like the look, my sister isn’t ordering one because its bright white with no other faceplates to change the color and it will stand out on the dark exterior of her house. I just figured as far as where to press the glowing bell should suffice, and if someone cant figure it out then I probably wouldn’t have answered the door for them anyway, lol!! :laughing:

as an option one could take some thin black tape, like detailing tape, and go around the button to make it pop…


Yeah, I see what you are saying. At least they’ve upgraded it to have a box around the bell and the bell lights up as someone approaches, and they said you can have it automatically activate when it recognizes a person or movement without them pressing a button. All of that helps anyway.

You could always use a label maker to print something saying “PRESS” or something similar and stick it on the button area, above or beneath the bell icon but on the square.

Still, having an actual protruding button would make it more obvious. I am guessing one reason for not doing so is that it takes slightly more effort to waterproof it, and subjects it to parts that could wear our sooner with friction, etc.

OH! you could use one of those 3D printed buttons people made for Contact Sensors and put it on there (or near it) using a rule to activate everything…then there would be a normal physical button.

At least it can be set to auto-activate without a person pressing it. That’s how I’ll use it anyway. I read that most delivery people avoid video doorbell buttons like the plague, even if their package requires a signature, they’ll always knock instead. They say that the problem is that they want someone at home now, not someone miles away who try to tell them to wait for them to come home or wait while they call a neighbor or something and then there’s fighting about it, and they hate them…

I know when I usually go to a house with one, I will put my hand in front of it and block the camera, then knock. I never press the video doorbell. It’s just awkward…maybe it’s knowing someone is staring at you without you seeing them.

I guess the point is, that at least for me, the button doesn’t really matter, I’ll have it activate somehow without them pressing the button.


i was hoping for a peephole camera with knock detection, or at least a conversion kit for this to become a peephole camera (which i will do), however having the knock detection would have been great.

i usually lean really close and give them a good shot up my nose :triumph:

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Thanks to both you and @steve4335 . All good points.

Of course many of those arguments would also mean that we’re better off without a video doorbell at all, using just a regular or smart doorbell button in conjunction with a motion detecting sensor / camera…

Their price is killer though. Unlike the WCO, this is V1 / V2 kind of aggressiveness, far undercutting the apparent competition. I might HAVE to try one. :wink:


I know a few people that were waiting for this, and for many of the reasons you have listed they have decided to just use the v2 and motion control. Hopefully there will be a v2 that address some, or all, of the issues.

yes, yes it is…i live in an apartment and pre ordered one because it is so inexpensive, lol…gives me a good project for January, trying to use it with a peephole :upside_down_face:


I just got off work and saw this email!! Super excited for the Video Doorbell! I love the price! That’s crazy that ring is almost $200 and this Wyze doorbell is $29!!!

Not too worried about the 2021 shipping date. (I don’t need one right now)

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to get this wired doorbell because I don’t currently have one so I’ll have to check. I may have to wait for a battery powered one…

Great job Wyze on making super affordable products!!

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In reality, it’s so small there is only one place to push the button.

Wyze Video Doorbell: 1.5’’ width x 3.25’’ tall

it would seem that way…however i know some people that would press the camera lens, or do something i cant even think of, lol. When servicing computers a long time ago someone said their desktop computers drink holder was no longer moving in and out…yep, they had been putting beverages on the cd drive. :exploding_head:


:rofl: :joy:


Hahaha thats a good one and so true. I work in IT support and am amazed by some of the help requests I get. Sometimes obvious things to most people are not obvious at all to some others


I LOVE the price and the design and features look good to me. The only thing that has me debating switching from my Skybell video doorbell to this one is the 12 second video and 5 min cool down without using Cam Plus. Currently I get 45 second video clips with no cool down for free. Yes it was $175 to begin with but Ive had it for 2.5 years now with no monthly fees and could keep it indefinitely with no fees beyond the purchase price. I feel like I will need to get Cam Plus for this one if I get it because a 12 second video then waiting 5 mins for another is not really practical. I already have Cam Plus on 2 of my cameras and plan to add it to my WCO, plus I will be paying the name your price for person detection on my other cameras so I just hate to keep adding on more and more subscription fees.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just thinking out loud over here lol


Well Wyze family count me impressed… although I am sad that I wasn’t one of the testers… please pick me to test the thermostat please! I am so excited that finally I will be able to control the aircondioning through wyze! The price for the doorbell is amazing! I am buying two of them one for the front door and one for the back door. Yep I have back door neighbors lol… it is how the houses are setup and my neighbors are a cross from me from the back.

here is where to sign up for beta testing…although i signed up a long time ago and never got picked :frowning:

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Yes, especially since the lens looks more like a button than the button does…it’s the only thing sticking out like a button should:


Come to think of it, if they were going to have the lens sticking out so far, they might as well have created a protruding button to press to make it more even all around anyway. At first I thought part of the reason to keep from having a button was so that it would all be level/flat…but since the lens sticks out already, they might as well have had a button stick out to be more obvious.

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It sure as heckfire does. It’s a finger attractor.

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