Video Doorbell



Any chance a Wyze Doorbell has made it on the roadmap?


What do we do when you misspell it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, Scott!

I know that this is something that we’ve been investigating but I don’t think it’s formally on the Roadmap yet. Thanks for checking in!


I have a family who can be home when I’m not. I don’t care if they walk out the door while I’m at work, but I do care if someone presses the door bell.


It’s unfortunate the USB port on the cameras are not intelligent. A doorbell would be an easy add-on. Although, I’m sure the people wanting a doorbell want a different design than the current cube.


Well, the USB port could be used to power a receiver, which pairs with doorbell, and the receiver makes a sound that the camera hears and interprets as an alarm, whenever the doorbell is pressed. Since the receiver is plugged into the camera, the sounds it makes wouldn’t have to be loud to be detected by the camera. That’s if the USB port really is power-only. If it’s a proper USB port, then it can do anything with the right receiver, no special audio hack required. Or just get the doorbell to make a sound and be picked up by the camera directly.


Here’s a doorbell that can play an mp3 you upload. Put this receiver near your camera and upload mp3 of a smoke alarm, and apart from scaring your guests when they ring the bell, you’re all set :slight_smile:


Some days I wouldn’t mind scaring some guests. jk :wink:

Actually, for the price of another V2, you could set that up inside the house and not scare the guest, yet know when someone pressed the doorbell. Considering the price of a Ring doorbell or the development cost to Wyse and eventual increase in price of a specialty camera, you could still come out ahead money wise. And you would have an extra camera in the house.

Or just get a dedicated camera and place it near your doorbell, turn sound monitoring on and name it Doorbell.


“aschmitt” brought up an interesting question he asked on a different doorbell idea.

I do not actually have the camera shown in the picture I posted.

As for power, the best option is to have the WYZE Cam’s USB cable go up to the hinge corner of the door, then give a small amount of slack in the cable, then along the wall to an outlet or extension cord.

A renter most likely would not be allowed to do any rewiring in the walls of their unit without the landlord’s permission. If I was a landlord, I probably would not allow a tenant to rewire the walls like you would in your own property.


Having been through 4 different doorbells (3 Skybells and 1 Ring) in the last 5 years, definitely want to request a better way for the connectors to touch the unit from the back plate. All my door bells have failed over the years due to the connector getting corroded and one due to backup battery swelling…



I would love to see a Wyze doorbell cam, it would be the perfect partner for my existing Wyzecam. I currently have a Ring doorbell but don’t like the forced $30/year fee for cloud storage. However without the cloud storage the Ring is almost useless as a security cam. Other manufacturers are getting into this market like Nest but offer the same price point and fees. Please disrupt this sector too.


I honestly can’t figure out why people want a doorbell camera? The wyze cam does everything a “ring” cam does. And more. The only difference is that there is no button to press… Which a real thief (the whole point of a camera) won’t usually press… (I catch thieves for a living) so instead of following the hype of a ring doorbell. Save money and use a wyze cam or wyze cam pan( which has real motion tracking) it will notify you the same way that a ring camera does also you could add a smart button from Smartthings and have it trigger your phone which you can them open your camera and see who is there…and communicate the same way as a ring using the 2 way audio feature…


It is more about being able to install a door bell cam instead of the old doorbell since it also provides power, where you usually don’t have a power outlet or USB port outside the door.


Would love to see a Wyze doorbell camera, any chance it’s going to happen soon?


V1. A basic doorbell cam. A weather resistant, compact version of the Wyze v2 without the microSD card recorder. The “$19.99” doorbell cam. Battery backup module with card recorder in v2 of door cam, No battery module and card reader may allow for designing a more compact unit. For those not wanting a boxy blob of a door :bell:.


If you put the insides of the Wizen Cam into a rectangular case about half as thick but twice as long as the cube, you got the basic shape and size of a Ring doorbell. I would like to have SD card support. Battert backup is not so important as long as I can use the home’s existing doorbell wiring to supply power.


Flip-flopping about the need for SDcard. If the power goes out then no way for the cam to record and no internet connection. That’s when I would like the SDcard. But then a battery backup would be required. Personally a basic doorbell cam would meet my needs. Plan is to use the just ordered Wyze Cam from a 2nd floor window to more or less cover the entry pathway with backup power supply to deal with the down power time.


That’s what I have been doing. A cam form 2nd floor window. Only problem is at night since the IR reflects off the window. You need to disable IR.


It would be better to not have an integrated video door bell. It would be awesome if Wyze made a door bell that looks like a doorbell, but ties into the a user defined wyzecam. whenever Wyze releases a new cam you can just replace your outside door cam. You want the latest Wyzecam 4K camera on your doorbell? just replace the camera. I mean its easier to not have it tampered with as in someone stealing your doorbell it can look like a a traditional doorbell. Who steals traditional looking door bells? I’ve heard of rings actually being stolen or tampered with. I am sure it can be designed to be just like any other door bell with wifi and could be wired to replace an existing doorbell system and even include a way to reprogram the sound of a doorbell like a custom ringtone for your phone, but for your door… that would be nice…


hey @txcrude right now we have the ability to turn the IR leds off in beta. they are expecting it to be released in an update VERY soon. I believe sometime in march.