Video Doorbell



I already have 2 Wyze cams and a doorbell would complete the package, please make it a priority before any outdoor cams, a doorbell is an outdoor cam right?


We have lots of people using the camera outdoor already, me inclusive, so that’s not a problem, give us a doorbell.


I am using the Echo Button as a door bell. Battery powered, works with Alexa and Alexa routines. Currently have it mounted in a modified PVC electrical box but looking for other mounting options.


Count me IN for the doorbell idea. It is a natural match for WYZE. Set the doorbell product industry on its head like you have with the WYZE cams! But if Amazon comes knocking to buy WYZE and own the competition, please do not sell!! YES to the doorbell!


Not sure where to put suggestion , so I will put it here.
Wyze needs to produce a Video Doorbell - The existing market is full of overpriced products. They could undercut the other producers and corner the market.

I know you can put a cam at the door but that is not the same thing. Take the cam, add a base ringer there you go.


I’m in Indiana. I have had a WyzeCam outside for almost a year. With ifttt, when there is motion at my door, I have a couple Phillips hue bulbs (one upstairs and one downstairs) blink on and off three times. When there is motion at night, my outside patio light turns on.


Love to have thin flat model, half to one inch thick maybe (square or rectangular model) with all the core features, for the door bell.


Here is an idea for apartment dwellers: see the picture.

Wyze cam can do something similar to this setup. Instead of the camera looking like the one in the picture, it can be a Wyze cam with a tube that fits into a regular door viewer found in most apartments.

Our building does not allow residents to place doorbells or anything to the outside of our apartment doors. Other problems are theft/vandalism of anything attached to the outside of apartment doors.

I do like the Doorbell Cam idea for houses, however, it is not practical for apartments or condos.

Does anyone agree with this potential solution for apartment/condo residents?


how are you powering it? running it off an external light? thanks


I have installed a wyze cam pan above my doorbell, and powered from my doorbell button power using a ac to dc buck converter. This allows both the interior doorbell to still work as well as provide power to the camera.


Where is the converter? In the box the doorbell button is mounted to?


Yes, I bought the box from home depot. This gives enough room for the converter


That’s an impressive setup and great way to power your Wyzecam!


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maybe add Alexa to control the deadbolt on the door…


if you spell wuze correctly, we will say back “yeah”! :smile: