Video Doorbell

I’m really sorry to hear you are close to where riots are happening! I hope you and your family stay safe during this. If you are looking for a Video Doorbell now I can tell you that you should just buy one already on the market. You should not wait for Wyze to release their video doorbell if you are looking for one now. I can tell you that Wyze will probably not release this for months. If you are looking for an Outdoor Camera Wyze is working on one and it will most likely be released very soon. However once again I do not recommend waiting for it to be released as you are looking for something now.

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I’m seeing a lot of hate for the design, and figured I’d jump in with a different opinion. I, for one, think it is pretty attractive and fits in well with the design of Wyze’s family of products. Continuity of design is something I can really get behind. Also, for those concerned about confusion, it’s a video doorbell. They have been around for quite a while now. Wyze’s design isn’t radical. It’s in line with industry standards. The only thing that will be shocking about this product is it’s price. Wyze has repetitively proven that to us. Your guests would likely be just as confused with any other video doorbell.

Great work, WYZE! I can’t wait to have one on my house!


No it really isn’t in line, at least not as shown. For example, all the models shown at have a clearly delineated round button to push. Wyze apparently does not, leaving only a vaguely defined flat area around a thin flat icon. On that review page, the August, Nest, and Ring2 seem to do the best job of sublimating / hiding the camera in favor of directing users to the button. The Wyze so far seems to do the opposite, with the camera the only significant attractor on the design. I hope it looks better when released.

After I saw the ugly design of the doorbell, I am starting to wonder if WYZE even does the product design. I use iSmartAlarm for my home security, and see the different cameras iSmart has, it is identical to what WYZE has, and iSmart has been in business for a lot longer than WYZE. See iSmart’s spot and iCamera.

Almost feels like some Chinese company designs and builds products, and companies like iSmart or WYZE just purchase them with their respective logos, and of course with their respective softwares installed making the product unique to each company.

I am guessing / hoping the doorbell will look more like the icon we see in the leaked app photos.


Lol. I’m positive that all of my friends could figure out that the bell icon on the wall next to a door where a doorbell goes is the doorbell. If you want something that looks like a traditional doorbell, you can but a traditional doorbell and pair it with the outside cam. Makes more than enough sense to me.

Again, keep up the good work WYZE. You’ve got a happy customer in me.


Okay thanks that’s certainly better - appears to be a square button - but the color scheme still works against it. All you can really zero in on from any distance is that inviting black camera lens you are NOT supposed to be pushing on.

Seriously, if you can’t figure out that you have to press where there’s a bell on a doorbell in 2020…


Really? What do you mean by that? What says it’s a doorbell rather than a camera with a speaker?

Normal doorbells don’t have any icon on their button and people have been figuring it out for decades. The Nest and Ring doorbells don’t even have an icon on their button either, yet people don’t have a problem with those.

Seems like someone is trying to create a problem where there isn’t one. Plus, we haven’t even seen what the final product will look like.


Wow… how about the icon of a bell on it…


You don’t think a bell icon on a device at your door means doorbell?


If someone walks up to your door and they see a camera with a lit up bell icon do they not think “oh that’s a video doorbell”? What else would they think it is.

By the way other companies don’t even put a bell icon on it. They just have a camera with a button. At least this thing has a bell icon on it.


With all the issues related to push notifications…think I’ll wait.

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From all the debate in this thread, I f it’s not intuitive then the design needs a tweak.

The debate comes from a single person.


While I agree that it is pretty obvious that it is a doorbell, I also must point out that the tactile confirmation of a button push instead of a touch pad seems more intuitive.

Yea. I think saying it isn’t intuitive is not accurate. However, I’m definitely not a fan of the “button” design either, especially in the setting of having such a bulky and noticeable camera.

Maybe it’s that I come from the guitar world where some pedals actually actuate the entire top portion of the box for switching that this doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary for me.

If you are the real D. Gilmour… I am a fan., I play a bit…I’m not aware of guitar pedals that are not tactilely discernible in some way shape or form. … there 's a stomp button or some form of control you actuate to get the job done. From photos it looks like the bell is an icon…possibly a capacitve touch kind of thing which for a person having a visual disability will certainly not be as obvious as a button to press… an icon is intuitive to me but not necessarily the next guy.

LOL I wish I were David Gilmour.

Boss pedals don’t have a “button” per say in the same obvious way that most other pedals do when you’re looking at them from the same perspective you’d be looking at the doorbell.

Digitech put out a few pedals with the same basic idea, like the Artist Series Crossroads pedal.

As for the pedals I was thinking of… I can’t find them at the moment, but basically the whole top of the pedal pushed down so there wasn’t an externally visible switch.

But, yeah, I think an illuminated bell on the face of the doorbell should be somewhat obvious even if it is capacitive.

Dang. I was hoping you were the real deal :).