Video Doorbell

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Wish they would but in the past Wyze has not given any specs before a launch. I’m amazed they even released a picture!!

Been under a rock for a while, but excited about the doorbell camera! Loved seeing the teaser in the investor video.

Based on some leaked images that I saw online of the back of what is purported to be the Wyze doorbell camera, which shows a micro-usb connecter (with a known size) I would estimate that this thing is just about 4 inches tall and just about 2 inches wide. I would also imagine that it is about 1 inch deep, but that’s not in any way scientific… Just that most of these things stick out about that far, so that would be the target they’re aiming for.

Hopefully I won’t have to be guessing for much longer! Feel like I’ve been waiting for this for as long as Wyze has been making cameras! :grin:

I saw online of the back of what is purported to be the Wyze doorbell camera, which shows a micro-usb connecter (with a known size)

Brilliant idea!
Using this as a base measure (the MicroUSB connector) and leaked photos of the back, Wyze Video Doorbell appears to be 12&11/16 times of a MicroUSB in height X 7&1/16 times of a MicroUSB in width. The micro-USB connection is roughly 9/32" in width, (give up to 1/32" measurement leeway),

This means the Wyze doorbell should be roughly: 1.986" X 3.568"

With a confidence Range = 1.77"-2.2" Width X 3.17"-3.96" Height

So very roughly 2"X3.5". Smaller than Ring and Nest…It seems likely that Nest is about 1/5" skinnier, but Wyze is shorter. I look forward to it, especially since the video teaser said they still intend to be so much cheaper than everyone that nobody will even be close. I hope it doesn’t take too long.

This is already a feature with the Nest Doorbell and would be great for the upcoming WYZE doorbell:

When someone rings the doorbell or walks up to it, not only do you get app notification but it also shows live video quickly on Google nest hub display which you can talk to person too, the Ring doorbell offers the same feature but with the Alexa display instead. This would also be good with the current wyze cam except it would just happen when the camera detects a person. Would love this and would also pay for it too!


I’m sure Wyze will try for this but in the end it’s up to Amazon or Google is they will allow that.

Oh it’s terrible! Is that really the design? My only suggestion had been to PLEASE just make it look like a doorbell, so people would know what to press, and not be distracted by a camera. I’ve stared at that picture several seconds and I have no IDEA where someone is supposed to press anything!

I will not buy this - and I have been waiting for almost a year for Wyze to release its doorbell!

Awful, awful design - terrible business decision.

< insert many sad face emoji here >

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If I were you I would wait. Wyze has not ever shared pictures of their products before a release. It is very possible that this will change or this is not the actual design.

I’ve stared at that picture several seconds and I have no IDEA where someone is supposed to press anything!


You really wouldn’t think to press the bell icon if you wanted to ring the “doorbell?”

Don’t get me wrong, I do agree they could improve the design a lot before launch (they may or may not do so), but I would think that pressing the bell/alarm icon is pretty obvious to most people who are now already familiar with seeing video doorbells and how they work…I’d say it should be pretty obvious to 99% of people…but I also agree it can be improved. Design matters.


Absolutely, honestly not! Not for a second. Until I read your reply I would NOT have known with anything approaching confidence. (First you’d have to even know it was a doorbell at all - please see next paragraph.) One or two of the images showed a horizontal light immediately beneath the camera - I though perhaps that was the press point. Perhaps you were supposed to press the camera itself (not a great idea). Perhaps the whole body was the button. The little bell icon just looks like a flat label for the entire device and might mean anything, a nightlight, a buzzer tone volume or speaker, etc. The one thing you see, glaringly, is the thing that should be discreet - the camera. Again, in my opinion it could not be a worse design for a “doorbell”.

Before even guessing at the button, one would have to be able to identify the thing as a doorbell to begin with! Nothing about this device shouts “doorbell”. It looks like a camera. The only thing that is obvious about it is a camera; maybe it’s also an intercom, or an alarm (thus the alarm bell icon).

I’m not kidding when I say I had been “waiting” for this Wyze doorbell; I passed on a few really great deals in the hope Wyze would come through with something between decent and great. So writing this does not make me happy.

This has probably been rehashed in this and other threads, but doorbell ringing is a few hundred years old and people know to look for a button to push. In your image, well, there IS NO button to push. As to your point that people are “already familiar with seeing video doorbells and how they work”, man oh man do I think you overestimate the experience of average people. Yes, they may have seen Ring commercials and MAY have a friend or family member with one. But how many people really have, and how many do you think REALLY have encountered AND used one in the wild? (Not to mention that this design doesn’t actually look all that much like a Ring at all, for better or worse.)

Also, even telling me the bell icon is the button, how much area around that sketchy little image is supposed to be the active button area? Is it a physical pushing in or touch sensitive? Do I tap? Push? Slide? What is my feedback, if any, tactilely or audibly?

I cannot overstate how poor this design seems to me. So I will stop. :slight_smile:


It’s called “Video Doorbell” for a reason, hence the camera. I was able to identify instantly that the Bell icon was where you push. Easily. Also, in another forum or I think on a Facebook group Wyze has stated that the image they showed was an earlier version of the doorbell (probably same goes with Outdoorcam and thermostat) and that they have since made some modifications to it. Maybe the final version has a physical button or a smaller camera, also the image makes it look big but in a Facebook group they said it’s actually pretty slim and the photos didn’t do it justice. Either way it looks similar to many other doorbell cameras and hopefully we get more info soon.


This is what it think. Because Wyze usually does not release pictures of their products before a launch it will probably be modified before then.

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It’s Still beta yea? Probably still time for them to take suggested criticism and make some changes. I honestly wonder how much control over the appearance Wyze really has at all…

Yes it’s still in beta. I’m not really sure how much control they have over the design. We shall see.

You are definitely entitled to your opinion and more than welcome to voice it.

Personally, I think it looks cool. And I am banking on what Gwendolyn means when she said the photos didn’t do it justice. And really hope it is not as big and obnoxious as the Ring 2 doorbell that I currently own, but refuse to mount on my house. You talk about UGLY!


I’ve often wondered this. I don’t encounter them much in a mid-sized suburban area. Maybe more of a big city thing?

But in a post-COVID19 world, the smart video doorbell market potential has got to be huge, so hopefully the Wyze design will go over well.

Please, please, please, develop a wireless doorbell cam. I love these products, and would like to build a entire system, but the only option that’s holding me back is you guys not having a bporbell cam…

Hopefully not redundant.

I currently have a skybell. It is slow to respond, buggy app and only connects to wifi at 2.4 Ghz. I like that there is no fee to store video in the cloud. Proximity settings and motion detection are very poor. Speaker is poor and it is hard for the person at the door to hear me.

It has a backlighting LED that turns on at night when the bell is activated ( e.g. someone walks up or presses the button) but it is forced off during the day and there is no option to turn the backlighting on/off. My doorbell is in a covered area so the background daylight washes out the image when someone approaches the door, I mostly see a silhouette. With active backlighting you might see the person’s face a bit better. Also had to cut an angled wedge to install the doorbell at an angle so that there is a better viewing angle.

Mine stopped working using as doorbell camera not working waiting for wyze

I bought another lock last year as I didn’t know Wyze had one almost ready for market.

I’m now having to look for a video doorbell because as of yet Wyze doesn’t have one. This is something I can no longer wait, hope and wish for Wyze to come out with. I live within 4 miles of the downtown Charleston riots that happened last night. I need a video doorbell camera now.