Video Doorbell

The hardware is not complete and they have not submitted anything the FCC to the best of my knowledge. If they did, we would have seen it like we have seen for the outdoor camera.

But even after submitting something to the FCC, it still can take some time no something is ready for production. When the hardware is complete, that’s when things get submitted to the FCC and then there is still usually software testing/development left before production.

Ummmm ya !!! When to order lol

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Hi there, if the doorbell is the one appearing on 3: 26 of this video, I am afraid not my cup of tea. Let’s remember this is something that will need to live harmoniously on the building’s entrance, need to look nice and aesthetically integrated, so the thinness and colour integration are paramount. I live on a flat and the landlord will not allow this, as it is too tick, too wide and…

Thing thing I’m wondering about is how big it is. I’m not getting a proper sense of scale from what’s been posted.


I actually had no idea they showed a sneak peek at them. Will absolutely be replacing my two nest thermostats and will buy two outdoor cameras as soon as they come out (maybe EA?). I’m super stoked for the water leak sensor as well…I’ve been holding off on buying the nest hello, so I can get the Wyze one.

I wish Wyze would make a all in one smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and maybe even natural gas sensor too; I’d totally buy one.


Our doorbell has been broken for over a year and barely working and I have been holding off on replacing it waiting on Wyze for too long.
When will it be out?
It seems larger than the Ring doorbell.
Will it work both wired and wireless?
Will there also be some wedge shapes available to be able to turn it facing forward if the connection is on the side of the door?

Hello @txcrude I do not work for Wyze and can only answer these questions to the best of my knowledge.

I have no idea. It is still in testing. Hopefully this year!

Yes it does appear that way

Wyze has stated that it will only be wired

I do not know. We will have to wait until Wyze releases this to find out.

Not tipping our hand TOO much here… But I can say that the testers that were concerned about the possibility of the doorbell being too large were pleasantly surprised. It’s pretty slim and the photo didn’t do it justice. :slight_smile:


Someone could probably find a similar stone product to what it’s installed on in the video and get a relative size from that…

@WyzeGwendolyn thank you for weighing in… a picture is worth 1000 words and if the picture Wyze marketing selected shows a fatter less streamlined view,… well… I’d ask you escalate internally to get them the feedback. If you could release a photo showing the view that you are describing I think we’d all be much more excited. Because the one we see isn’t being described the way you are describing it. I’m becoming concerned that where my wire comes out there may not be the room to even install the Wyze bell I’ve been wanting and waiting for.

That’s why I was concerned. We have something that looks like that in the waiting room of the Board of Education office in the school district where I work and judging by that the bell would be chonky. However, that style of facade comes in different sizes and even has different size sections within the installation in our waiting room.

I see only a wired doorbell at this stage.
I’m really wanting to stay Wyze for this but being in rented accommodation running wires is out of the question.

Is there any possible thought to developing a battery version?

Then maybe Wyze should release a photo that does do justice?? A lot of people are concerned about this

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There are some pictures of the Wyze doorbell floating around online that you can lookup that will give you a better idea of their size. I don’t post them or links to them myself out of respect for Wyze apparently not wanting this yet…but nobody will stop you running some simple image searches yourself.

It looks pretty small to me. I would say it appears to be shorter than ring and nest, possibly a couple of millimeters wider (depending on which model), but maybe not. I’d say from other photos it appears to be fairly similar in size to mainstream ones.

Keep in mind that some pictures of the motion sensors and contact sensors make them seem bigger than they are, and then you get them you’re shocked how much smaller they actually are than you thought. I think this is the same way, from what I can tell with other pictures I saw through some smart searches. :slight_smile:


It seems larger than the Ring doorbell.

It is hard to say for sure, but other images I found online seem to indicate that it is pretty similar in size to nest/ring (measuring the proportions show they are extremely close), it just looks more boxy, while the others look a lot more fancy.

One image I found also included a shot of the backside of the Wyze doorknob and showed the screwhead that comes with it. (you can also get good closeup pictures of lens size online and assuming it is the same lens as the other cameras, you could use that as a measurement comparison to figure out the exact size). I just used the screwheads so far. Now granted screwheads can vary a little in size, but using the screwhead as a base of measurement:

  1. The Wyze video doorbell is approximately 6.88 screwheads (6.88sh’s) in width by 13sh’s in height
    a) Again we don’t know the EXACT measurement of the screwhead, so it is hard to guess the exact dimensions from that.

  2. 6.88sh’s X 13sh’s means the height is about 1.89 times the width.
    a) By comparison, the Ring Doorbell = 2.43" X 4.98" with height 2.05 times the width.

  3. If I didn’t do the math wrong (hey, sorry, it’s been a while!), and assuming the Wyze doorbell is either the same width or the same height as the Ring doorbell, then Wyze’s system is quite possibly either 8.5% shorter than Ring (Awesome!), or 8.5% wider.
    a) 8.5% shorter would make it: 2.43" X 4.56"
    b) 8.5% wider would make it: 2.62" X 4.98"
    c) Those are the rough ranges I see as far as I can calculate based on other images. I’m pretty confident from comparing multiple pictures that it is not both taller and wider than Ring, especially since that would mean those screwheads used as a base measurement and comparison are really abnormally massive screws…however, even if it was both wider and taller, the difference would still be pretty insignificant, tiny fractions of inches if anything. It looks to be pretty close to the same size as other high-end video doorbells, and probably smaller than most based on estimates from most screw-sizes.

Will there also be some wedge shapes available to be able to turn it facing forward if the connection is on the side of the door?

I found some photos online that showed a wedge mounting bracket that appears to be included with it, so I would say you can count on that being standardly available.

Granted, it’s not even a final officially launched product and things can change, and the official details and dimensions aren’t released yet, but I hope the rough estimates I calculated off images will satisfy someone else’s curiosity too. :slight_smile:

I’m curious about the Wyze Video Doorbell that’s in development. Will the doorbell be only a wired option or will there be a wireless option for people who don’t have a wired doorbell at home?

Will there be a wireless option for us folks who don’t have wired doorbells at home? :pleading_face:

Wyze has stated that it will only be wired for now. Hopefully in the future they will release a battery powered option.

You don’t have to give us details, but in the least can you say if it’s at least 24fps and better video quality? I love Wyze, got 4 cameras and multiple light bulbs, but please remember clarity of video can make or break a crime GOD forbid something serious happens.

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