Video Doorbell


A doorbell cam would be awesome.




We are testing our own outside cases. Two are under eaves and one is full-on exposed outside the eave. After winter, I hope to take pictures and post about it if the cameras survive. So far, they have survived heat, pouring rain, high wind, and snow.

If you can’t wait for Wyze to possibly bring something to market, what we did was purchase the cheap black Chinese cases for Wyze Cams from Amazon. We setup the cameras and then used very good quality clear silicone caulk.

  1. Put in any SD card and set up the camera.
  2. Run a small bead around the inside of the front of the case to make a seal on the front of the camera. (Make sure it doesn’t squish out on the lens area; put the bead towards the extreme outside edge of the inside. Keep the bead SMALL as it doesn’t need much.)
  3. Put the camera in the case and push the camera firmly down into the case in to contact the front of the camera with the caulk.
  4. Place a bead of caulk on the seam on one half of the case.
  5. Assemble the case (and screw the two halves together properly).
  6. Use finger to smear the caulk from the two halves flat around the case.
  7. Mount the camera.
  8. OPTIONAL: We only did this with the fully exposed camera. Put a liberal amount of caulk in the power cable opening of the case after the cable is plugged into the camera. Try not to run too much down in the case. Keep it towards the outside part of the case. It is just to deflect water and not to make it water-proof.


I also wouldn’t want monitoring. In our city, yearly registration and fees are required for any cameras that are professionally monitored. Technically, we wouldn’t be able to install Wyze cams for neighbors if there was monitoring as we would have to be registered and licensed. Since the cameras aren’t monitored, we can install the cameras for neighbors and they only pay cost of parts while we donate the labor.



@Hans… can you post a link to the “cheap black Chinese cases” you are describing?

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If one buys a white case, they will need to blacken in around where the lens is because of interference with light level sensor/IR?
“Mrount Wyze Cam Wall Mount Cover for Wyzecam Ismart Spot, 360 Degrees Protective Adjustable Indoor and Outdoor Wall and Ceiling Mount with Case for Wyze 1080p by, 3 Pack, Black”

Let me add that the microphone and speaker are muffled with this case. We can hear and talk to people if we want but not at any great distance. This was not a concern for us because we were not using the audio capabilities in these locations. Someone could probably drill a hole or two in the case and improve audio functions if they wanted. We haven’t experimented with that yet.

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I would also love a Wyze Doorbell.
My current doorbell doesn’t face out from the door so some kind of pan feature inside of the weatherproof housing would be incredible.

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The wedge-style adapters like the Ring Doorbell won’t work ?
Pan cam in a doorbell seems like overkill considering the wide angle. if you can at least ‘turn’ it 45 degrees



That would work!
Hoping something similar releases with a WYZE doorbell in the future.



Please make this happen, I hate the monthly recurring fees of other companies and their product is essentially useless with out it.



yep, good suggestion

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I designed a 3D model for the housing, but I am not sure how to integrate the button to the hardware in order to send a push notification. Any thoughts? If Wyze made one I would buy it outright!



I’d like an over the door mount encasing option for us apt dwellers.wifi door bell below. I live in Brooklyn. My cam would be likely ripped off the door in a heart beat. I want it because of package theft and the 2 way audio. Having it over the door would mean that it wouldn’t be easily pulled off on a walk by. Maybe if it had a bigger output speaker from the cam, that would be an option. The mount it’s self could battery power the cam. switch them out when they go low. just some ideas



Not speaking as a Mod here. I would love to see SkyBell and Wyze collaborate on a doorbell project. SkyBell also does not have a monthly fee for their server usage. (I know, I know…wishful thinking)



why don’t you just rely on the motion sensor to trigger the push notification and use the button for just the actual door chime ?



Looks interesting.



Here is a bit more info on Xiaomi’s doorbell cam. pricing is around $30 US.

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Doorbell would be a hit if you guys develop it, adding a panning feature would be icing on the cake

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A doorbell would be great. Any movement in that direction?



Looking at the Ring and Nest doorbells… and they are all $150+ plus subscriptions costs. I want to stay with American-based companies since I have little trust in IoT security on foreign dropship products.

…so anything on the Wyze roadmap for smart doorbell? I imagine the Wyze cam core software and hardware is directly applicable.



My Wyze camera on my front porch alerts me when people approach my door. I can two way talk to them. Why would I need a doorbell added?

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