Video Doorbell

I agree that you would want the camera to be set in a certain position most of the time for most people. This does of course depend on your own individual preferences for everyones particular situation. I was thinking more of how my Wyze cam pan currently works and how I have it set. With the motion detection zone feature enabled, the Wyze cam pan will automatically go back to the area that you designated as your motion detection zone (the box). This means no matter where you pan/tilt the camera it will automatically return to that position after about 15 seconds. I was thinking Wyze could do the same for their video doorbell by having pan/tilt capability built into the camera’s lense if that is possible. So if I want/need to pan/tilt the camera elsewhere temporarily to look for something like a package left on my porch, it will automatically return to its designated position after about 15 seconds.

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And here is my +1 for the video doorbell! Can’t wait for one to be available!

The device could even be achieved by combining the upcoming outdoor camera and a wireless trigger button (or a touch switch?). Instead of using the contact sensor, it would simply “sense” a touch and have the same functions as the contact sensor. So basically the electronics are already there… instead of the “Reed switch” in the contact sensor being the trigger, it would have a touch sensitive surface to do so and it be suitably built to be mounted outdoor.

The touch sensor should get securely attached with screws replacing the previous doorbell button. It could also control the old doorbell by using the existing wires so that it would still sound the old chime while also triggering the recording on the outdoor camera installed at the entrance, and send notifications to selected smartphones which would be able to “get the door” even when away from home.

As far as getting the door is concerned, only the smartphone that will be the first to respond should be able to communicate with the person outside, in order to avoid multiple “who is it?” crossing each others and confusing the person outside… not to mention that to a potential burglar casing the area, such an event would be a confirmation that mostly likely nobody is home.

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Adding my vote of support for a Wyze Doorbell. I’ve really fallen out of love with my Ring Pro Doorbell and it’s many functional quirks and high price and fallen in love for my Wyze Cam mistress and the super sexy features at a such an affordable price.

One feature in particular I don’t like about the Ring that any potential future WyzeBell should include is a super fast initialization time. The Ring is so slow to start up after a doorbell ring that most people leave before I can even see them on the screen to interact. So why even bother? If WyzeBell can startup in <5 seconds it could actually live up to the promise of a smart doorbell.


I would like to see a lens that can also see the floor to easily see the package. Maybe something that can pan up/down and left/right?

Another is the chime extender and hopefully, you can select different tones instead of just a simple ding/dong.

I currently have zmodo doorbell but have Wyze V2 for indoor. I am thinking of getting an outdoor for a long time and would like to built from either zmodo or Wyze but I prefer Wyze as I feel that they are more receptive to users recommendations so I keep holding on installing an outdoor cam.

My doorbell is on the same wall as my door so I can see people as they approach the door but when they stood to the side or right in front of the door, then they are out of the sight. I contacted zmodo support and asked if they also sell a wedge similar to Ring so that I can angle it for better view. The response is that according to their research, people will usually back up after pressing the doorbell or after hearing someone speak at the speaker. Well, I have the camera since 2017 and I only see it happening 50 percent of the time.

I have also ask zmodo if I can change the tone on the chime extender since the chime they provide is just a simple ding/dong and I would prefer another tone like what you can get form electronic chime that last at least 3 to 5 seconds or longer and I was told “No” that the chime should be loud enough to hear. Well, if you are watching movie with your home theater, running on treadmill or have kids playing around you don’t really notice their 1 second chime given that their extender is not loud (compare to my neighbors Ring doorbell extender that I can hear from outside). Hope Wyze is doorbell will be better so I can build on Wyze ecosystem.

Is the Wyze Doorbell going to be battery powered or wired. Also will it have A.I. for packages and people?

Please make a battery powered video doorbell with A.I. like person, package, and pet detection.

Hi. Per the recent Wyzies announcement, I believe the design portion of this is complete. If that is the case, what are the chances of getting a pre-production look at it?

I ask because, well, peak discount season is coming up. I’ve been intending on picking up a Nest doorbell when it goes on sale for the holiday season. If the Wyze doorbell is aesthetically pleasing I’ll hold out.

I can’t imagine I would be the only one with this thought process. Frankly, I think the doorbell, lock, and thermostat would benefit from a sneak peak. All of these items are highly visible, so design will likely be a deciding factor for many.

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I agree with you!! Wyze should give us an update with a picture

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I also agree hiw about some updates

Wishful Thinking: I would like the video doorbell to be able to be integrated with a Panasonic Hybrid telephone system (KX-TA824 with KX-T7775 Doorphone).

At present, our Panasonic telephones receive a call from the Panasonic Doorphone microphone-speaker call box at the front door. After answering the ring and talking with the visitor, we can push a number button on any of our Panasonic telephones to send a signal to the front door’s electronic strike to open the door.

I would like the video doorbell to allow the call to go to both our Panasonic telephones and our iPhones, and allow the Panasonic telephone to talk with the visitor (as now) and the iPhone to video chat, depending upon which one answered the call first, and then send the signal to open the door.

I really hope you can release 2 doorbell models, or if you only have one model, I hope it could work both hardwired (no charging necessary) as well as battery operated (with around 1 year of battery life). I would like to buy one video doorbell for my main front door, where I have a doorbell. For that, I want a model that is hardwired and I don’t have to worry about charging. For my side door (where I don’t currently have a doorbell), I want a model that is battery powered. Ring offers both of these options, and their products look great, but they charge for cloud storage, which I don’t like. I like that you give a certain amount of cloud storage for free. I think you could make a killing against Ring if you can make a competing products that offer some free cloud storage. Doesn’t even have to be 14 days as far as I’m concerned, as long as I could download the clips before they are deleted.

I also hope that Wyze will offer 2 different types. Or at least one doorbell that will work either battery powered or hardwired.

I hope that the WiFi antenna is as strong or more than the current Wyze cams. I currently own a doorbell cam and I hate how long it takes to connect, by the time I can see the image the person has left. My router is 15 feet away from the doorbell and I still get a message of poor connection. On the other hand I have several Wyze cams further away and they all connect much quicker. I can’t wait to replace my current doorbell with the new Wyze doorbell.

I’m curious which doorbell you currently have. So that I can cross it off of my list…

My Ring has a horrendous connection delay. It has a strong WiFi connection according its app.

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I own a Ring doorbell, and I would not recommend it.




I went through 3 generations of Ring ( before Amazon bought them) before I gave up and went with a SkyBell HD. Outside of few short term glitches over the years, I have no complaints.
I’ve been " testing" one made by a major smart lock company and even after a year of beta testing it still isn’t ready for general release and I am pretty sure they have abandoned the project.