Video Doorbell

@haloweenhamster, I would hope that international users would fill out that they live somewhere else. On the bright side, that answer has received a lot of love so hopefully it’s not as bad of a problem as you (and I) are concerned about. :slight_smile:

About the doorbell cam, make it as close to standard doorbell wide as possible. An adjustable lens to shoot up as most are mounted 36 to 40". Can see person face with whiteout light behind person. Use standard 12 to 24vAC power wiring. Motion active instant bell notification with Echo as voice, Echo Show voice and view, Ipad, and Phones also.

I don’t like that Wyze cams ver 2 don’t notify or wake up the Ipad, or Echo Show 1st gen with movement.
I do understand you need to keep changing with the times but you need to fix these problems too…

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Hey Gwen - thanks for asking the community for input. One request, if wired, have the doorbell use existing door chime transformers…i.e. 16vac, 10VA. This would help adoption rate vs needing to swap a transformer for something larger which would be inconvenient.

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Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll share it with the team. :slight_smile:

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Amazon has an assortment of Momentary DPST (double pole, single throw) buttons available, however they have 1 set NO (normally open) and 1 set NC (normally closed). You would need the NO set of contacts to wire to the standard doorbell, I assumed the contacts are normally open on the sense and then when the magnet is moved away the contacts close so the NC part of the button would work similar to putting the sensor on the door chime. If in fact the sensor contacts are NC and then open when the magnet is away then that switch would work well for my project. I have yet to order the sensor and take one apart to see how it operates for me to connect such switch.

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For buildings that use a wired 24v transformer to power a doorbell chime, it would be very useful if the Wyze Doorbell could be powered by the same means. We could then remove the existing doorbell button and attach the Wyze unit to the two low voltage wires.


Yes I want a doorbell now!! hehe… Actually, our (very old) doorbell recently failed and we’re in need of a new one.

I have been waiting for WYZE to come out with one to replace my old one (when it WAS working) and now I could really use one.

Wired is fine, but wireless just makes more sense because even if you use existing 12-24V transformers, THEY aren’t on any kind of network so the doorbell would STILL need to transmit the video/rings via wireless.

Other option would be for wired USB/power adapter like the cameras, but that just means having to install wiring that’s not already there (most likely) and again, unless you have it with CAT5/6 as well, it will still need wireless to transmit.

An ethernet cabled model (with POE of course) would be great, but again, require the installation of wiring. But it would be fast and clear!

My suggestion, completely wireless with rechargeable batteries (AA’s are common) that transmits on either 2.4 or 5ghz with a choice of which one. Many people have HEAVY 5ghz usage in their homes now for newer phones, laptops, etc. but don’t use the 2.4… But older ‘wireless’ phones use the 2.4 and interfere quite a bit.

But frankly ANYTHING is better than nothing… And I don’t want to buy something for a lot more (or crappy) if Wyze is coming out with one in the next few months… I can wait… I already blew it on both the bulbs AND plugs and don’t want to mess up and spend more for something not as good…


I would need wired for 24/7 recording

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Do you plan to offer a Wyze doorbell camera any time soon?

It is in development according to the tag. The term soon however is relative to one’s own thinking. Such a device could be a year off.


Since all of Wyze’s current camera products have this ability, I’d assume the doorbell will, too. (If wired, obviously. Not if running on battery power.) I don’t have any inside information, but I feel like it’s probably a good bet.

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100% Pretty please

Is Wyze making a wired of battery video doorbell?

When are you gonna corner the market and make a cheap and reliable 2 way video doorbell?

When can we expect a Wyze doorbell :slight_smile:

-Chris Z

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Not what we want but maybe anyone that is trying to hold out and do something cheap. you can use this

I will refine the design over time probably going to work on making a mounting plate for it next.

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Definitely want the doorbell to be able to use existing low volt wiring.

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Yes, I am for having a hardwired option. I like only the idea and flexibility that wireless brings but that stops when I start thinking about the constant annoyance of monitoring the battery, taking it out, charging it, putting it back in, and the lesser feature set you get with batteries such as continuous recording not being available. Just me, others will be fine with this but I like my electronics to be as maintenance free as possible.

Also, I want my older relatives to have this but I would say for older demographics in general you need it to be hardwired to make less tech savvy people happy. For this demographic the mind set will be that once it is up and running, they are done with it and do not want to have to mess with it. I realize this is probably not Wyze’s market niche but there are people who love their older parents and relatives and want to keep an eye on the happenings at their door, especially strangers who are ringing it.

My wish is to have the ability for the doorbell camera to be able to pan up/down/left/right. No doorbell camera today can see directly/completely below itself without the help of another camera or a detached camera. A huge annoyance when wanting to scan for packages. Panning ability on a smart doorbell will be a game changer for who ever gets it done first. Could see this feature making a lot of existing Nest/Google and Ring doorbell customers wanting to switch to Wyze. This feature might be a bit of a reach for Wyze for now but got to admit it would make me want a doorbell cam easily over another one especially if it was cheaper than Nest/Google and Ring.

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But with panning doorbells would you want it to stay where you left it or return to straight forward?
Wouldn’t it also mean you are likely to miss more in comparison to wide angle cams?