Video Doorbell

I hope the hub that will be used for the outdoor cam will be able to connect to the video doorbell so it can store the video in the cloud and in the hub itself, if it has on board storage.

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I disagree
Ring 2 $199 + $3 pm subscription (1080p)
Ring view $199 + $3 pm subscription (1080p)
Ring pro $249 + $3 pm subscription (1080p)
Eufy $159 (2k) - on release on offer for $119, currently on Amazon for $129

I personally wouldn’t get a Eufy doorbell because I have their camera system from Kickstarter, all the features and spec that was promised on Kickstarter never materialised so I have an expensive camera system that I wouldn’t rely on

I would like wyze to release a 2k doorbell with the option to have local storage (even if it’s rtsp to nas), be powered & work with existing chime

Please make Wyze Video Doorbell quickly. I have properties that I desperately need security doorbells on, and I don’t want to have to rely on Ring. I already had to break down and buy a Ring Video Doorbell Pro today, which I NEVER would have done if I had a Wyze option.

You got it. If the camera is broken you can still have the footage saved behind a locked door. If they get past the door well you have bigger problems.

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Wyze put me on the list for “EA” (Early Release) purchases?

Maybe even, out in the field, product home testing?

Here is where you apply to test

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Big B,

You joined the Early-Backers group which unlocked the Early Access channel.
That’s why you are classified as an EA!


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Correction: You joined the Early-Backers group which unlocked the Early Access channel.

Sorry about the confusion.

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If they get into the house the wyze camera has you covered with back on the web

How can I get on the testing personnel list

This would be a great opportunity to upgrade the quality of the speaker and microphone for better two-way communication through the doorbell.

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Please make it so when the doorbell is rung, a video feed automatically pops up on a Google Home Hub. NO ONE DOES THIS! I would like it to just show without me having to initiate a feed either on the hub or my phone.

This would be a very simple way to set yourself apart from competitors.

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Beta application (hardware and software) is here:

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Please make a doorbell. Wired option preferred. I’m tempted to get the Nest but I’d wait to buy one if Wyze would make one fairly soon. I love all my Wyze stuff and I’m grateful you make it affordable. Thanks Wyze!

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Really like the idea of the video feed popping up on a Google display when the door bell is rung. Am also still keen on the idea of peephole cam doorbell with the majority of the components on the inside of the door as a theft deterrent.


I would also buy the doorbell from Wyze, If there was an optional remote chime (like Ring has), that would be great! If I’m in the basement, I don’t always hear the chimes.


I want a video doorbell without having to have existing wiring. Almost like ring!

ohhh what about a siren/audible device like ring has for their stuff. Could utilize it for a chyme and siren to ward off people.


So this question has to be asked. When will Wyze be releasing a video doorbell? There are so many overpriced solutions out there that this has to be a great product for Wyze to get in on. If so, make sure that you provide RTSP support, as this is the number one reason that people are upset with their existing video doorbells (not going to mention any names :wink:


The doorbell doesn’t seem to be in “testing” yet, as seen by the “in-developement” tag. Going by this info if testing hasn’t began yet I would expect the doorbell to be released in less than 8 months, but I believe the door bell may be in testing since during the Wyze Bulb Q&A live stream one of the employees said that they have it on their front door.