Video Doorbell

I haven’t pulled a contact sensor apart to see if it has accessible contacts to attach a button, but I’m sure you could use one of the little PIR sensors to just activate camera.

I’ve been testing a DB cam by a lock company ( between July and September) that was recently released to the public and then recalled within a week. I’d rather see Wyze take their time and get it right than test something for over 6 months, have it consistently fail the tests, release it anyway and then have to issue a public apology and offer refunds to all the people who spent $200+ on a defective device.

Been hearing on the news about video doorbells being stolen. Perhaps a peephole style video doorbell with the majority of the components on the inside of the door makes more sense as a theft deterrent. Also it should be easier to power from inside the door.

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I would love to preorder one as well. Will this list get for choice. I go away for week and would love the added security for my family. I would just want it as easily moveable as the cams. Also, is there a movement to try and have them battery powered. That would be pretty cool. I noticed some other cams are battery powered.

Because it’s a USB plug you can use any USB type 5 volt powerpack

I also suggested wireless. Would make it easier when installing outside. I’m sure they are constantly working on ways to improve.

I’d be very interested in any option to have a Doorbell weather protected. I have no shelter at our main door, so it is open to wind and rain. Not many current options have that protection.

Sounds like a fun project! Excited for any updates you post.

Ok I’m trying to catch up by reading these posts!
Let me see if I got this right?

  1. it’s in development
  2. someone is now testing it?
  3. final design n type of db cam, has not been finalized?
  4. Power source and motion detection range, is still up in the air, too?
  5. Price of $200 is not Wyze’s estimated price tag, either?
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  1. It is in development.
  2. It is not yet in testing.
  3. I don’t think it’s finalized but I’m not positive.
  4. I don’t have that level of information yet.
  5. That doesn’t sound like us. :slight_smile:

THIS IS EXCITING!! Sign me up!


Me too, excited to see some progress


Yes, sir, I agreed with you because this time we also use video ring doorbell 2. Now we can see everyone who rings the bell. Its smart video ring doorbell 2 and it notify us when someone rings the bell.

Are they making a doorbell or just a camera above the door that is similar to a doorbell camera? I suggested a while ago before this section was here I believe for a doorbell cam like ring. I would rather have a doorbell cam then a camera above the door or both would work.

That’s the link when I was asking about it.

I’m pretty sure it is also a doorbell but I have limited information at this time.

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I’ll be moving and living alone soon. My safety is in my top concerns right now. Does Wyze have a camera doorbell like Nest Hello?? I don’t want to drop $200 on a doorbell camera :unamused: Any suggestions?

No they don’t atm but something is in the works though…


I’m curious how it will compare with Eufy’s just announced doorbell and which will get HomeKit Security Video support first :grin:

Hello Wyze team:

Love your products and have recommended your products to several friends. I have the Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Sense, and ordered the Wyze Bulb. I’m anxiously waiting to get them. I’m going to be moving in the near future to an apartment and I thought it would be great if your team is considering developing a product that would compete with ring door view cam? Is that in the works? Thanks.

How about a audio detection of a doorbell or knock? Seems it would be a shorter development time line.

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I already posted this request that so many of us want, just aim a little higher in the resolution and fps please…I don’t mind adding another few dollars for 2.7K at 30fps, the devil is in the details as they say…it could make all the difference between catching a criminal or hearsay, from pranking teens to a murderer.

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