Video Doorbell

Would completely buy into a video doorbell by Wyze. It would be very smart to do as some have suggested and have a slimmer profile than the Ring, which is bulky and doesn’t fit many door frames. Also, there are a lot of newer homes that don’t have wired doorbells, and only have the wireless chime w/ battery operated doorbell. So I think the key is to have options.

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I personally would like something that flush mounts maybe inside a single gang electrical box.

I would love one too. Need to be battery driven though. Don’t mind replacing batteries or even detaching it to charge it. I’m screwing mine through brick when I get one. Thinking about buying a cheap one to test the waters and y’all popped into my mind. Also I’m waiting on HomeKit integrations :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Nice, but why is it so deep? Looks like there’s a lot of room behind the camera.
Will you release the .stl files ?

Any eta on this development?

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When you see the tag go from, “in-development” to “testing”, you’ll know it’s closer to being released. That’s as close to an ETA as you’re probably going to get right now. :slight_smile:


Though testing can also take a fair amount of time. :slight_smile:


Time flies when you’re having fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are they in testing phase for a doorbell cam?


I so want you to make a video doorbell. Please. Just take my money. :smiley:

You selling the STL to that?

Yes please!! Would love for you guys to make a doorbell. Patiently waiting over here…

Can’t wait, would definitely want to be an early adopter for this!

As far as testing goes, any chance would the devs be open to have some local users take on QA beta testing for a prototype to provide user experience feedback? Asking for a friend :blush:

It’s possible! And in the meantime, you should definitely fill out the hardware testing section of this form if you haven’t done so yet. The line is pretty dang long at this point so you should reserve your position now if you want in for hardware testing later. :slight_smile:

Become a Beta Tester | Wyze

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Need a way to make the camera cordless. I had to run three cables to put a camera at my front door, upstairs apartment. Or maybe a video doorbell!!

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Can Wyze invent a doorbell camera? RING doorbell had the concept, but it’s terrible. Only works 50% of the time if that. Lot’s of bugs with RING and up to thirty second lag time. If Wyze creates a doorbell camera that works – it will outsell RING which was just bought by Amazon for a Billion Dollars! Please Wyze – see what you can do! RING has a powered one that you drill a hole and plug it into a regular outlet inside the house.

The use of angle brackets or a pan capability have been mentioned a few times, and it is a real unsolved issue for those of us with a doorbell mounted perpendicular to the door. I use both horizontal and vertical brackets for my Skybell, trying to get both the approach and package placement areas. It looks pretty weird. A way to adjust the viewing angle without using “wedges” would be great.

Yes please a video doorbell with continuous record capability on a micro SD would be perfect. Perhaps have an option for battery and door belpower.

Love all the security tools that you guys have out and recommend them to our friends! The only thing that’s missing is a doorbell similar to ring but not his damn expensive. Keep up the great work.