Video Doorbell

Doorbell chime only works if the doorbell is pushed to close the circuit. Would require another circuit to keep energizing chime.

There are sirens that should just work. Connect it to your Alexa…

Why are you all so obsessed with chime? I expect that it will work with Alexa or Google home. So you just put anywhere cheap Echo speaker and you do not need any wiring, modifications… And you can use it also for many other things. But I believe most od smarthome users already have at least one smart speaker

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Not really “obsessed” by the chime, but it is a mid-century memento of an earlier family home. And as for Echo, or Alexa, or any of their cousins, the last thing I want in my home is an always-on audio device connected directly to Google, Amazon, or any of the others. Yes, you can call me paranoid and old-fashioned. That’s why I’m trying to ditch the Nest doorbell. I’d be willing to pay extra to Wyze for an accessory that will ring the chime in place of what they are offering now.

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Have you got a cell phone? :slight_smile:

I’m sure I could build something to activate an existing chime but it would require Alexa/Google and a Wifi relay.
I’m in Canada so won’t have the option of buying a Wyze doorbell until next year.


Will the wyze door bell get echo/nest support?

What is the earliest I may receive the new video doorbell, I ordered and paid a few weeks ago…

It clearly says on the website it’s “PRE-ORDER” and ships in “JANUARY 2021”.

Thanks David, I realize what it said when I placed the order, I just need it now and not in 8-10 weeks, thought maybe I could pull someone’s chain a little…

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Not on pre-orders. It’s not even a shipping product yet. But January comes pretty quickly!


Hi! I would love a video doorbell if it was Bluetooth. I don’t have the required connection to use the hardwire version. Thank you!

Welcome to the forum.

Bluetooth won’t power a doorbell. They require either direct wiring or batteries. For Wyze it’s wired.

Hi thanks for the response! Yes, I don’t have the hardwire system in my house. So I would like to suggest a battery video doorbell if possible. Sorry, I didn’t get my idea across correctly in my first post.

According to the AMA from last week they are working on a battery powered doorbell. Don’t have any other details.

That said, there is a USB power port that could be used to power the doorbell. But, it would probably need to have a hole drilled through the wall to supply the power. If you do a search, you could find a picture of the port. It is the same type of port as the V2.

For 2 doorbells connected what is the power required? I can’t find this info required ( I have installed in my house a 16 v 15 VA , which does pass the requirements for a single one 16v 10 VA. But how about 2 connected in line?

The same power supply would easily power two doorbells.

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Angus is correct, your power supply will handle 2 doorbells. I have a 16v/10va transformer powering 2 test Wyze doorbells now.


Why use 2 in the same location (ie: front door)? To angle them differently? Or just use 1 as a simple camera?

I didn’t say they were at the same place on the house - front door and back door.

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Ah, I get it now, thanks. My misunderstanding.

When you guys were talking about using the same power supply to run 2, I thought you meant the same end of the wire, like at the front doorbell, and was confused why anyone would want to do that… Makes sense you were just talking about the whole doorbell system, which often has wiring for the backdoor too.
Thanks for clarifying and correcting my brain twist!