Video Doorbell

I believe it’s a 1 min cooldown

no, you can skip the chime & use alexa/google… I know a echo dot works well :slight_smile:

would you rather them wait to do the pre-order in Dec? If they were prepared to ship now, they def would. But just as StopICU33 said, it ships BY 1/31/21…it could very well ship sooner


sounds like someone was a beta tester :upside_down_face:
glad to hear most likely 1 min cool down…still whishing it had sd though…

really whishing they had found a way to make it compatible with a peephole, like a separately purchased peephole conversion kit that extended the wires through a threaded tube and then have a battery pack on the inside of the door that would wire/screw on - this will be my project in January

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Just looked on twitter and wyze is saying its a 5 min cooldown :frowning:

I’ll get confirmation, very possible I’m mistaken

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If you subscribe to Cam Plus, you can eliminate the 5 minute cool down on the doorbell.

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That price is great! But it doesn’t look like a doorbell with an identifiable button to push. :frowning:

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Yeah i saw that, whole reason i went with wyze in the beginning was no subscription - sd all the way - with that not being an option it feels like they are forcing us into the subscription model…which was one of their biggest selling points at the start. Almost feels like a bait and switch.

all preorders will automatically receive a rolling 14 days of free Cam Plus on their Wyze Video Doorbell once the doorbell is paired to their Wyze account.

They should probably reword this. Usually “rolling” means it continues indefinitely. For example, all the cloud events are stored on a rolling 14 days off storage, it never ends, it’s always free. This wording indicates we all get Cam Plus on the video doorbell for free forever but it only stores the last 14 days of footage.

I think they mean we are forced to try Cam Plus for 14 days against our will or not, and then it ends and you must pay for it after that… But you get to keep 14 days off rolling cloud storage of 12 second events anyway.

That typo is very misleading though… Makes me think I should buy a ton to get Cam plus free forever on them.

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i believe the bell will be glowing…


I understand your disappointment and I know it has been a big let down for many.

Then as we look back to last year we bought the cams without PD and we were all quite content until PD came available. If person detection is something you can live without, it is still subscription free. :man_shrugging:

Now that Wyze has spoiled us, we want both without a subscription, and It’s a tuff decision for some.

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I am totally cool with no PD, like you said we didnt have it originally, however the 5 min cool down is huge - and with no sd card there is no way around it without subscription. Along the same lines i will not buy a phone without sd card, i like to be in control of my information


I’ve been waiting for a doorbell since I purchased my first Wyze cam 2 years ago. Since then I’ve pre-ordered multiple products and have been happy with them. However, no SD playback on the outdoor cam and lack of SD storage on the doorbell show the focus is now on recurring revenue from subscriptions. I would be willing to pay slightly more for a version of the doorbell that has SD support implemented like the v2 and Pan, but without an SD card option I will not purchase. That is a deal breaker and I’m disappointed.

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I’m sure they could reword it to make it easier to understand and avoid future misunderstandings. You can recommend this change to @WyzeGwendolyn.

I am feeling the same way, and i hope we are wrong, but it sure does seem like we got brought into this ecosystem with standard features that are slowly being left out little by little in future products leading us to needing subscription services to make these products viable…if that is the case i too will be out


Gotcha. It would have been better with a SD card slot I agree. Then you wouldn’t have to depend on a subscription. :+1:

Yes, and I don’t want to rehash a debate I had a month or three ago here. I thought this didn’t (and doesn’t) look enough like a traditional doorbell with a clearly delineated button or spot to push, leading to confusion and hesitation for anyone approaching it. Hardly anyone seems to agree with me.

Since it is hard wired I would expect there will be hacks aplenty to get it to trigger things like Home Assistant.


No worries, you can not like the look, my sister isn’t ordering one because its bright white with no other faceplates to change the color and it will stand out on the dark exterior of her house. I just figured as far as where to press the glowing bell should suffice, and if someone cant figure it out then I probably wouldn’t have answered the door for them anyway, lol!! :laughing:

as an option one could take some thin black tape, like detailing tape, and go around the button to make it pop…


Yeah, I see what you are saying. At least they’ve upgraded it to have a box around the bell and the bell lights up as someone approaches, and they said you can have it automatically activate when it recognizes a person or movement without them pressing a button. All of that helps anyway.

You could always use a label maker to print something saying “PRESS” or something similar and stick it on the button area, above or beneath the bell icon but on the square.

Still, having an actual protruding button would make it more obvious. I am guessing one reason for not doing so is that it takes slightly more effort to waterproof it, and subjects it to parts that could wear our sooner with friction, etc.

OH! you could use one of those 3D printed buttons people made for Contact Sensors and put it on there (or near it) using a rule to activate everything…then there would be a normal physical button.

At least it can be set to auto-activate without a person pressing it. That’s how I’ll use it anyway. I read that most delivery people avoid video doorbell buttons like the plague, even if their package requires a signature, they’ll always knock instead. They say that the problem is that they want someone at home now, not someone miles away who try to tell them to wait for them to come home or wait while they call a neighbor or something and then there’s fighting about it, and they hate them…

I know when I usually go to a house with one, I will put my hand in front of it and block the camera, then knock. I never press the video doorbell. It’s just awkward…maybe it’s knowing someone is staring at you without you seeing them.

I guess the point is, that at least for me, the button doesn’t really matter, I’ll have it activate somehow without them pressing the button.


i was hoping for a peephole camera with knock detection, or at least a conversion kit for this to become a peephole camera (which i will do), however having the knock detection would have been great.

i usually lean really close and give them a good shot up my nose :triumph:

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