Video Doorbell Pro First thoughts

They need a bit more time to get the doorbells on Cam Plus Lite, here is a section of the FAQ

What Cameras are currently compatible with Cam Plus Lite?

Wyze Cams v2, v3, Pan v1, Pan v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor. We need a little more time to make Cam Plus Lite compatible with our video doorbells. If you only have a Wyze Video Doorbell, we will send you another communication later on when it’s ready. The cloud recording experience on doorbells will not change on February 15th, it will stay the same for now. Wyze Cam v1 doesn’t have the hardware to run Cam Plus Lite and won’t be supported.

I will let the team know you would like the doorbell to also show firmware updates under accounts


Thank you. I appreciate the update.

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I just finished installing the WYZE doorbell pro, and have to razz the doorbell pro design team. You guys were soooo close but 95% correct in designing the mounting plate. Some of us had already bought and installed the first WYZE doorbell. It would have nice if the doorbell pro aligned the screw holes with both models.

I’ll upload some pictures so you could see what I am saying that you were sooooo close, but no cigar.

See it now? How about if I shift it just a little?

I modified the doorbell pro mounting plate sooooo slightly, instead of drilling another hole with another plastic anchor in my wall.

Just wonder if the doorbell and the doorbell pro were two different design teams? Did anyone matched the two mounting plates together and checked?

Not a really big deal, but you guys were soooooo close in making it the installation perfect.

btw: Very easy install and activation with the doorbell pro. Good job guys !!!

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I couldn’t ever get mine connected. Support is a joke. Sent it back.

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I have noticed this as well. I have several APs and the chime is causing interference on that channel. I can redo my channel mapping for the 2.4 radio but I would rather it not do that if it doesn’t need to.

6 months later and doorbells still not on cam plus lite. Any update?