Video Doorbell Pro First thoughts

I have had my Pro installed for over a week now and I like it, but unlike most on here, I am using it as a wired unit, so I cannot comment on the battery problems…however, I am sure those can all be addressed via firmware.

As far as the installation goes - I have to say it was fairly straight forward, but I did notice some inconsistency with the instructions during the walkthrough. I went in to see if there was a plate or something I was missing…turns out the instructions were guiding me to use the wedge plate, even though I selected that I would NOT be using the wedge plate. I did not have the other flanged plate it instructed me to use…so I wonder what I may have missed here. I am certain it was not included in my kit.

One disappointing matter is that they did not give you anything to help accommodate for doorbell installations on stucco. I made it work, but I suspect a few will have an issue of uneven mating to the wall surface due to texture issues. I found the included wire extensions to be sufficient and easy enough to install. I used heavy duty screws instead of the included screws, to ensure no one could just rip it off my wall.

Once installed, it was a breeze to get up and running. After reading here, I didn’t even realize there were Xmas chimes…,.would’ve loved that. I’ll check later to see what is available. Setting up the doorbell was a bit straightforward. Anyone having recording issues should check the recording cooldown setting in the Event Recordings section just to be sure.

The one issue I have - not sure if anyone else is experiencing this - but my live stream freezes momentarily ever 3 seconds or so. If I am looking at people on my patio or whatnot, or just monitoring the front entry, the video freezes and then resumes every 3 seconds. Recordings seem fine, but the live streaming sucks. This could probably be firmware related, it may be hardware related…but it’s definitely not internet related as the signal is very strong and I have no issues with other cameras around the house.

Other than that, it’s a nifty doorbell. Strong microphone and good audio receiving. I can hear people in my foyer and living room from the doorbell itself, so there is some audio coming through from the interior of the house…other than that, it does the job quite well and I am pleased. Let’s see how it functions when my Cam+ subscription expires at the end of Jan.


I also hardwire it but it’s still showing battery percentage does your too? What voltage of transformer did you use? I used 24v transformer I’m not sure when the battery percentage drops to zero will it still works. Thanks.

Yes, mine shows the battery percentage as well, but its overlaid with a “charging” icon to indicate its hardwired. I almost wonder if you keep this thing hardwired if it could ever be used wirelessly again. I wouldn’t think so. It would’ve been nice had the battery been removable.

My doesn’t shown charging icon
I tried different kind of Transformers but it’s that same results. Thanks anyways

Found a few new issues with my DB Pro, for some reason its not showing up under Account, Firmware Update menu, can anyone confirm if their DB Pro shows up in the firmware section of the Account menu.

Also, the DB Pro doesn’t show up in the section in the Release Notes & Firmware, under Account, Firmware Update, What’s New. My DB Pro is showing firmware ver. 1.0.47, and app says it’s up to date, anyone have a more current version?

I noticed this the other day as well. It does not show up for me on Android or iOS yet. But I have seen in the past that it may take an iteration before making it into the firmware list and the production release notes, and you will still be able to update the FW from the device vs the bulk updater.

1.0.47 is the latest production firmware for the Video Doorbell Pro. 1.0.52 is available if in the Beta program.

Information regarding the beta program can be found here

I did not have the other flanged plate it instructed me to use…so I wonder what I may have missed here. I am certain it was not included in my kit.

Confirming this. I also did not have this other plate in my kit. :disappointed_relieved:

Mine came with three pieces of plastic:

  1. backing plate - 3M
  2. backing plate - screws
  3. wedge

Feature request: Really wish this kit had a way to mount the corner/wedge without screws. Or even sell separately and will purchase.

Has anyone tried sticking the 3M tape to a brick wall? Did it hold well?

I used a double-sided half-inch “nanotape” from Amazon, to stick it to some composite siding that was very porous… (similar to stucco?) Because the siding is “fluted”, it’s only stuck on the outer edges… but it’s working… :crossed_fingers:

It’s been up since Christmas Eve, so far so good…


I love my pro doorbell and here’s why.

  • the angle on this is incredible. I have a shallow doorway was never able to see the floor for packaging all the while the person approaching the door. This little guy gives me EXACTLY what I need!

  • setup was easy

  • value for the price is good

For some feedback - camera has been up since 5 hours ago and has already lost 8% over the course of 10 or so recordings. If battery drains at this rate, it will only last two weeks before needing a recharge. I don’t know if this is expected but every 2 weeks seem relatively frequent. I have detection at Low only looking for people and packages. I hope there will be a firmware fix, if required. While all my other Wyze cams go into auto live mode when selected, this doesn’t. Bug or feature?

After much thought, I used the 3M tape that came with the package. Installed it yesterday and seems like it has a strong hold. Crossing fingers.

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Interesting to see the comments here, discovering the battery operated Pro doorbell by accident. I didn’t see it or might have waited to order it. As a result, I bought a Blink system (Amazon produced.) Compared to Wyze… well, I wouldn’t. Everything about Blink by Amazon is mediocre, from the app right down to performance and build of every unit - except the doorbell build, which is reasonably nice. I am seriously considering returning the Blink even though I’ve installed it.

Unfortunately with Blink, you get an ‘OK’ for doorbell strength and that’s it. You’ll know you’re in trouble only when you do. The best part about it and the cameras is the hub which can do all the recording on up to 256GB USB drive remotely. That’s where the good ends. At least the Wyze cameras will certainly record on the local SD card. The Blink ones… I’ve had video stop short (like 1 second) at times without explanation, especially the doorbell. Controls are horrendous as is the UI of the app. Unlike the Wyze app you can’t just flick individual cameras on and off. Blink has an entire zone on/off. That means that if you have your camera and doorbell, it’s an all or nothing proposition. Trying to just have the doorbell on but not the internal individual cameras is not easy.

I can see that early going this is a tough proposition. Batteries will always be a challenge with these doorbells and I like the rechargeable concept versus the one I have with Blink which is always non-rechargeable lithium metal. But I like the fact that I can have several around, pop them in when needed, and potentially see better results without the need to recharge the doorbell every week or two. If this is the case, there is a need to have battery packs immediately or, hopefully, some type of AA rechargeable types you can swap in and out, but I’m not sure the technology allows this easily - but some decent solution has to happen.

In all, I’m so disappointed this wasn’t available and I went with Amazon Blink for the doorbell. I hope Wyze works out the kinks, which is a far superior solution to Blink cameras in every respect (love the magnetic base, extensive, swivel - Amazon Blink is a plastic POS.)

Let me add that Wyze motion sensing AI makes Amazon Blink look positively child like. The Blink fails often and badly. The sides of the camera fail to pick up motion and, when they eventually do, there is a recording delay of at least .5 to 2 seconds, which is a long time. The Wyze cam is sometimes far too sensitive - but that can be controlled and set - and I’m talking about the old v1 video cameras too. It’s just unacceptable to have significantly delayed video so that someone can grab your packages and run and all you’ll get is a video of sneakers leaving the field of vision.

I hope to continue supporting Wyze and, as I said, had to get a battery operated video solution for the doorbell. The monthly solution for just a few dollars a month or ($50 / year?) is a far better solution thank Blink in every way. I thought I’d share this for others wondering about whether it might be a while for the new Wyze camera to come out.

The app and response in controlling Blink cameras and video playback is sloooooow.

My word to Wyze - stop expanding into all this other crap unrelated to home security which led me to turn off emails from Wyze. Build a great solution first. Don’t need a cordless vacuum or earbuds. Just complete the security solution, nail it, and then look elsewhere.

I am not too happy with mine so far. It took hours to get it to connect initially. Then it seemed to be working great for about a week. Today it said there was a firmware update. So I let it install. Unfortunately it it said the firmware update failed, try again? I selected no and after that it was disconnected from the WiFi. Countless attempts to reset and reconnect it have failed…Pairing Failed. Tech support cut and pasted the connection instructions for the first Video Doorbell…ugh. Mine was hardwired and my router is Google WiFi so I have the same SSID for 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz. Not sure if I got a lemon or if it is just another product that was released too early.

Forgot to have add feature requests.

  • add more sensitivity levels bc lowest is capturing people walk that’s eating up battery

Since your unit is wired, does it work the existing chime as well?


No, your existing chime box won’t work. It will use the external chime box. You’re just using the existing chime box as a fuse against electrical surge. Also, it acts as a transformer.

I’m thinking it may have been a mistake on their end in the instructions. Overall, installing this thing on any surface other than a flat wall seems to yield inconsistent results… But I’m hoping over time my plate not sitting flush, won’t impact my ability to remove the doorbell and reinstall it if need be.

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Has anyone else noticed that the doorbell pro is broadcasting its own SSID for 2.4 and 5ghz bands?

I’m not sure why, as I thought the chime connects via Bluetooth.

Anyone have insight?

I have had this happen as well. Wyze is now offering Cam Plus Lite but the Wyze Doorbell Pro does not show up in the list of active cameras under accounts so I can’t select that camera to add this service. I am now on firmware 1.0.58 which is up to date as of this post. I would really like to see the Doorbell Pro listed in Accounts for firware updates and other services.