Video Doorbell Disappointment

True, Google and Apple and pretty much every other company of any size have huge track records of acquisitions that move them closer to their goals.

You just answered my ULTIMATE QUESTION! Can I add multiple chime units around the house like in my bedroom or near my bedroom, in the laundry room where it is loud, and also in the storage Unit out back where it is disconnected from the house altogether. I am very glad it is WIFI! I am so glad you added this to your comment.

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The issue I now see coming is that I have 2 doors with bells. I bought 1 camera to test it. I have 2 levels, so I have a main and basement hard wired set of bellsā€¦ All currently work fine. I am not pleased to hear that ALL of my system will go down with this setup, and wonder where I will end up having to install the resistor and jump the other connectionā€¦ Just an unnecessary mess. Also wished a 2-door kit was an option, but understand the logistics.

[I had made an ESP8266 solution to send push notifications to my phone with Pushsafer corresponding to each press. I acknowledge the person who notes the HUGE voltage spikes that happen that can also cause false triggering. Relays may become the answer to legacy systems].

It could become a hassle if one moves as with all hard-wired tech.

Thanks to this group for the heads up. Itā€™s no longer a 30 min. installationā€¦

I intend to use 2 doorbells (I have 2 doors at the front of my house).
I presume installation will be routine.
My question is: Can the Android App easily handle 2 separate doorbells?

Yes, there are several testers using multiple doorbells

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