Video Doorbell Disappointment

How about wyze water bucket that mounts above the door…and a button in the app to dump it if you dont like who is ringing :grin:


Thats what im talking about!!! I love the last little shot at the end, as if to say “and stay out!” :rofl:

I think ive seen similiar ones to this marketed as pest control for gardens and whatnot

900 GHz ?

Maybe you meant 900 MHz which is loaded with all sorts of unlicensed low power wireless services. Depending on where you are that could be a problem but in most cases unlikely.

Yes, 908 Mhz I believe.

This has been the typical hookup for many years. This nothing new or strange.
Once brick or stone is installed at the front door there are not many options and many if not most old doorbells are wired in a loop (series). I hworked for a company (Nutone) and even their NEW replacement chimes would be wired this way.
Sorry to upset some of you but Wyze did not concoct this design to up set you.

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And yet others retain the existing chime without issue.

But that’s going to be like a $300 doorbell…imagine comparing cars when one is 10 time more expensive

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It is certainly feasible to retain most existing chimes. My Eufy doorbell does and prior to that my Ring doorbell did.

But at Wyze’s price point I would be amazed if they did. Ring had issues with older transformers that would cause the WiFi connection to drop when the chimes were ringing.

So while it can be done there appears to be issues that require a more robust doorbell. I think one of the ways Wyze achieved their desired price was to forgo a lot of the “heftier” components.


Huh? The Wyze is priced well under even the cheapest crap on Amazon. What does the price have to do with any particular feature? The point is it’s do-able. That was just the first relevant search hit I got.

Edit: written before I saw rbruce’s lengthier explanation

anything is do-able…i can get you a doorbell that will launch missiles if you have a couple billion dollars to spend on it, but what would the point of comparing that to a $30 doorbell be? There are lots of them that use the existing chimes, they are larger and WAY more expensive.

I think the easiest workaround is going to be a Wifi relay that gets activated by Alexa or Google. Sonoff are probably the most popular.
It would close the chime circuit when the button is pressed. I’m not sure if it would work. If someone wants to send a doorbell to Canada I’ll buy the relay


I did some more digging because I was curious myself. The important part is the actual physical “button” or switch in the doorbell. The 16-24 volt current typically flows through the switch and completes the circuit when the button is pressed.

This means the switch has to have the components to physically hold the circuit “open” when not depressed, and physically “closed” when the button is depressed. Some buttons even hold the circuit closed for a specified amount of time with a single press etc.


If i had the extra money i would send it your way, not for the chime thing, just cause it seems like they are leaving Canada out of ordering this for some reason.

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They don’'t mind taking our subscription money but can’t seem to figure out how to sell products to us. I think they are the first US company to try. I may be wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, a relay and a capacitor? :wink:

Pretty much, although mine has a rectifier and a diode or two as well. :blush:

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Having done some hacking to my 1960’s chime, it’s electrically a nightmare to deal with directly. While it runs on a 24v transformer, there are huge voltage spikes created by the solenoid coils operating. Not a big deal for 1960’s wiring, but modern electronics are really not happy to see them. So, thats my guess why Wyze is bypassing the chime… they don’t want to deal with all the millions of variations out there. You could put in a relay setup, with an additional transformer, but likely not something Wyze is going to OEM from wherever.


Well…you win for best answer as to why they choose not to support old chimes, that makes a whole lot of sense. :+1:

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I can imagine the support staff getting overwhelmed having to help troubleshoot things such as original chime not working or intermittent power issues. Being priced how it is, it really is accessible to everyone. If I take a look at home depots website. The $30 doorbells are not very impressive :sweat_smile:.