Video Doorbell and Alexa

Will the video doorbell work with Alexa?

Yes it will be integrated with Alexa

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But, maybe not the video according to @WyzeFrederik.

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I don’t know how to start, why would Wyze produce anything that doesn’t tie to Alexa and Google voice assistants?

Do they not realize that the home automation market has accepted (not saying it’s a good or bad thing) that all products need to tie into both. There are some devices that, for whatever reason, only tie out to Alexa, but they are in the distinct minority.

It’s like the phone space, iPhone and Android. You don’t ignore the market and bring out an app that runs on Blackberry only. Samsung SmartThings doesn’t support Bixby only, why?
Because the market reality is Alexa and Google own the space. Yes, there are HomeKit users, but Siri is just not a dominant player in the market. As an iPhone user, I have implemented a HomeBridge instance so I have Siri capability on my phone, but reality of my use is that a voice assistant is the primary method of control.

An open ecosystem avoids sequestering Wyze into to me too category. Samsung just confirmed that their offering of sensors and devices other than their Hub are no longer to be produced. Apple continues to be Apple, their latest offering is better than it has been, but they have a massive leap to catch Alexa and Google.

I would have purchased a doorbell, a thermostat, basically all products offered, but I can not as I need integration. I refuse risk ending up with a collection of bricks with no way of porting them into any other systems. There are too many examples of failed products to ignore, learn from history, or repeat at your own peril.

Edit: I just spent $600 during Prime Day sales, got my thermostat, upgraded my doorbell, picked up wall switches, plugs, etc.
How much went to Wyze? A couple v2s, and only because my daughter needs new system setup, and I love Wyze cams. I am willing to pay the higher prices on the doorbell and thermostat, because integration is more important than the device cost.

I agree with your sentiment about integrations with both Amazon and Google being important in the smart home space.

I think you over estimate Alexa and Google and underestimate Siri and HomeKit but that’s not terribly important for this conversation.

Wyze I really think means well. But their product line feels “unfinished” and rather flimsy in terms of reliability and overall suitability to purpose.

The video doorbell supports voice assistants… well Alexa anyway… we’ll sort of. They don’t support video fully yet. It’s spotty when it works, and frequently buffers or refuses to come up or stutters or the video and audio are out of sync etc.

The first gen Sense sensors, motion and contact sensors… well best to let them quietly die and fade out. Shame for the Customers that bought them but hey look we have these shiny new ones coming, ah real soon now.

The Door lock is really cool, well except for those times the geofencing all of a sudden decides you just arrived home, while you are sound asleep in bed, and unlocks your door ever so helpfully.

Or conversely decides you are nowhere near home while you stand in front of your door holding groceries trying to get your phone unlocked.

But hey the outdoor cam is cool! Ah it has range problems by the way. Sometimes the battery that’s supposed to last months only seems to last weeks, or, gulp, days! And it seems to miss events frequently or just catch the tail end of them.

But they do have a really cool scale! That adds 7 pounds and won’t rezero? Or suddenly decides you are not you.

Bulbs plugs and cameras that lose connectivity especially after power or internet failures.

But wait there’s more!

You get the idea. Half done, not fully baked, and full of flaws.

Yes Wyze continually adds value and strives to resolve issues etc. But it seems every single product has issues. And not just one or two, dozens. And they get reintroduced in subsequent firmware releases.

I do believe they are good at heart but I imagine their long term customers are starting to look elsewhere for their solutions. It won’t be long before they go from being known as a disrupter to just plain disruptive.

My 6 cents anyway.

They are not required to do so. It was not started anywhere that the doorbell video would be able to be viewable on Alexa or Google devices.

True. However when the packaging for a device that supports video says it “works with Alexa” I think your average consumer would jump to an obvious conclusion.

Okay, sure, they are not legally required to be functional. That’s true…,and…,

Not quite sure the point in the statement.

Their not legally required to even power on, display any image, or even function at all…,