Video Doorbell and Alexa Announcements

Just got my doorbell pre-order the other day! Really excited and already installed it. One thing I noticed is that on Alexa the type shows as “doorbell” compared to “camera” in the case of the Ring doorbell.

As a result (I think) you can’t really watch the doorbell video on the echo show. You can still enable announcements on Alexa but that will just act as a chime without video feed. There is no way to manually view the doorbell either (all the other wyze cameras are working fine on the echo show using Alexa)

Is this a known issue at the moment? It doesn’t seem like you can modify the device type on Alexa btw.

p.s. Couldn’t find any existing topics on this so I hope this is not a duplicate.

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2 years, wow, welcome back. I’m interested in seeing answers to your question.

you can view the video on alexa devices as well as google home but the video is sideways, hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon

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how do you do it on Alexa devices? It doesn’t even show up under the devices

I’m not sure, I don’t have a Alexa video device, I have a Google Home. I’ve seen several other people state they can view the doorbell on their echo and it’s sideways, which I see the same on the Google Home.

I have an Echo Show 8. I ask Alexa “show front door” and up it comes but it is sideways.

Video is 90 degrees left on any Alexa devices.
Please fix this bug!!!

Tried on Amazon tablet as well… No matter is it landscape or regular… Still 90 degrees tilted…