Very Strange Video

Anyone have any idea what is going on in this video? The Wyze Cam is on the TV table 3 inches from the wall. The time is 4:26 AM. My brother is asleep on the couch (left). The camera has been there for over a year, I check the triggered videos every day and I’ve never seen anything like this. There is nothing near the Wyze Cam. The Norfolk Pine plant to the left is the closest object. I don’t have any idea what is flapping around in the video.

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It’s a spider or other bug crawling around on your camera just not directly in front of the lens.
Spider legs


Not a bad guess. Better than anything i could come up with. But, I don’t think it’s spider legs.

It’s Not necessarily a spider but it is simply just a bug

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Looks like a bugs antenna. I have a similar one from a palmetto bug or as some have called it a water bug.


Bug antenna, or aliens. Personally I think aliens.


When in doubt, C4…:alien:


Two bugs sword fighting :crossed_swords: :grin:

Recent firmware load for the Wyze cam contained some new bugs. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room in the flash memory to hold the new ones along with the ones already there, so some of them got forced to take up residence elsewhere. A few might have moved into your Norfolk pine, but it’s clear that one particular bug is very lonely and wants to get back inside the camera where it can hang out with its friends. It’s climbing all over the camera, waving its antennae hoping to attract attention. If you have audio enabled, you might be able to hear it crying out “Let me back in, please…



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For comparison, the Critter exposed himself. Wife suggested fire, lots and lots of fire, or maybe nuclear weapons.

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way.


With the size of that thing I would summon Godzilla. Nukes won’t work.
After all he brought down Mothra which is evident as I did not see him in your video.


Looks like maybe a mouse?
The same thing happened with the camera I have in my basement, and in my case it was a mouse.

It’s a bug.

Go go Godzilla.

Might be a cockroach?

In Florida they called em “Palmetto” bugs. Nicer sounding I guess. I stepped on one once and the dang thing threw me down! After waving its antenna in my face it walked out and slammed the door. They grow em BIG down there!

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Is there any wonder that people see aliens, Bigfoot, Nessie, and all sorts of other things that aren’t there?


It’s a spider… I get them all the time on my porch camera and once in a while the spider will walk across the lense.

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