Vehicle or Package Notifications

Anybody else experiencing issues receiving notifications for vehicle or package events? I get person and regular motion notifications but no vehicle or package notifications. The events show up in the app but never get a notification. Open a couple tickets with support but still no luck.

Tried all the common things like disable/enable cam plus on the camera. Tried a different device…android and iOS. Same issues.

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Welcome to the forums! Do the events get tagged correctly in the event tab? What are your camera notification settings?


Now if you go into Account, then services, then camplus, then click on the camera, what are those settings?


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The events are tagged correctly. I just don’t get a push notification for them.

For troubleshooting try turning on “all mother motion”. It looks right the way you have it now but just for troubleshooting try this.

Same issue since they had véhicule and package detection. Tagged correctly but never received notifications for vehicle on iOS.

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When I turn on all notifications, I get everything…a lot of notifications.

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Ha! welcome to notification hell :upside_down_face:


I am also having the same issue with my v3 cam. I just came here to see if anyone else was having the same issue. It looks like I am not alone.

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Wyze’s AI Detection (Person, Package, Vehicle) is highly unreliable, IMO. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. A camera reboot sometimes fixes it, sometimes it doesn’t.

Wyze will just blame the user’s internet connection (or some other tomfoolery nonsense). The funny part is, I have two Wyze v2 cameras pointing at the same direction. At least a few times a week, one camera’s detection completely stops working (no AI events logged) while the other still picks it up.

It’s absolutely a software issue. This garbage never happened back in 2019/early 2020 (before Wyze migrated to CamPlus). And to think Wyze has the audacity to market a security monitoring service. 🤦

It used to work not too long ago. I just noticed recently that it stopped. My person detection works flawlessly. Yet vehicle and package do not. I have gigabit internet and I do not have any problems with any other cameras not having enough bandwidth or whatever. I have tried rebooting the cam but it did not help at all. Please, Wyse, fix this as I like my v3 other than this problem.


Tim Burton

I have the reverse issue where my Person Detection often stops working out of the blue, but generally, Vehicle and Package work more often Person. Sometimes, Events will stop logging altogether.

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