Vehicle Detection Issues

Lately I’ve noticed that the AI rarely detects moving vehicles outside of my set grid, yet it has no problem detecting parked vehicles outside of my grid. It’s stupid to begin with that it detects parked cars outside the grid because it scans the entire frame after a motions alert, but then not to be able to know it’s a vehicle that is moving on a clear day. And the detection box is following the vehicle in the frame, so how does that happen when the vehicle wasn’t even in the detection grid?

Now that Wyze is adding more detection features there will be more detection mistakes. I wish Wyze would just fix the AI’s current detection capabilities before adding new ones. Just seems like every product Wyze releases has issues (mostly software related). Wouldn’t it be better to hire programmers and software engineers that are actually good at what they do?

What!.. take money out of the marketing budget to improve product quality? :rofl:

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I know, but I can dream. I hate that Wyze spends more time making impressive product videos, instead of fixing the software.