Vacuum first few days

Hi there, first few days with vacuum. Mixed bag, right now rather disappointed.

Key issues:

  • Charging block is poorly designed, will be pushed back by robot when going to charge and slide up, preventing charge; robot cycles many times
  • Also, logic to dock for charging not accounting for minute differences in height such as a rug that the robot is on but the charger not; robot should “kneel” by the 3 or 4 mm height difference, but does not
  • As a result, I had to move charger; there’s no “move charger” option; robot confused (even though I manually docked robot to charger in new location), map inaccurate
  • Robot’s electrostatic plastic gets very dirty, that’s really a beginner’s mistake
  • Robot having massive issues with the “hole” in the floor of the staircase, repeatedly (more than 30 times in a row) failing in detecting the boundary, getting stuck, putting red lights on and asking for help; only solution was to create a square perimeter, but this is not desirable as the space is actually not square
  • very poor behavior on rugs; it should detect rugs including fringes, the little strings that are at each end of the rug and clean rug as a separate unit, without getting messed up in fringes (actually, it should have a special mode for fringes, probably where brush does not turn). Also special mode for rugs where brush and vacuum could have different behaviors. Instead, it keeps trying to climb the rug and fold the end/corner, mess up the end fringes, get on and off the rug all the time…
  • poor detection of rooms in open space, this is really problematic
  • no good way to add a room without having to redo everything, reset the map and lose the programming that was already done; I should be able to instruct it to go discover a specific area without losing what has already been done
  • no way to program free flow boundaries at will, virtual walls, curved boundaries, virtual doors, etc…
  • renaming a room means programming for that room no longer works!!! Now, that’s really silly
    There’s more, but this is top of mind.
    For now, not worth it for me yet.