Vacuum different areas

How does the new vacuum handle different areas? Can I take it from one floor to another and it will just work or is it more complicated?

Can I have a charging station on multiple floors?

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Right now it only handles 1 floor at a time. Handling multiple floors is planned. More Q&A on the vacuum here:


This seems easy to fix and may be a vital feature. I’m having to reset the map every time I want to do a different room. The app should save maps to run routes again.

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if the rooms are on the same floor you shouldn’t be having to do that. You should be able to select the room you want to do and if the vacuum is able to travel there on its own it should be able to vacuum that room and then go back to the charging station. Is this not working for you?

Hey Bam, thanks for the reply. My home, just like many other homes, are not all one flat surface across the entire floor. There are dividers and a ledges which the vacuum cannot overcome nor do I expect it to. This seems like an easy fix to implement though just by saving maps locally & being able to run those routes again. As a dev myself I’m sure there are obstacles to accomplish this that aren’t discovered until you begin implementing this but I’m sure the community would be happy to help test! Happy New Years!

ahhh ok. yes, if you are picking the vacuum up and having to move it you will have to reset the map…FOR NOW :innocent:

this was something brought up in testing and something that is being working on. so hopefully when rolled out it will be able to remember multiple floors and such.

My map of the floor consists of “Room 1”, i.e. the whole floor. I want to select one area “a true room” to clean on a schedule. I guess I could set up virtual walls to block out some areas, but I assume it would clean the path from the charger to the room. Is there way a to select an area and have it act as a room similar to the way you can set virtual walls.

I have created several “rooms” for my main floor using the Map Editor functionality. However, when I create a Clean Schedule for that room only it doesn’t work. It just starts cleaning as if it was set to Whole House.

Has anyone else had any luck cleaning individual romms?