V3 Starlight Not Working?

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but my V3 suddenly is seeing black night instead of the prior colors when night vision is not in. I’m not sure if this means the starlight camera is not working or where I should go from here. Any thoughts?

The parts that are lit are quite clear. Do you have another image taken from the same view where you can show what it used to produce?

Make sure night mode is not set to “off”

This is the same view in March 26, near the same time at night. The change seems to have occurred at some point since then.

I can say that it didn’t catch a rather large bear on the driveway last night, but the Arlo camera on the shed did…so I’m rather disappointed by that.

And the image from the 26th is pretty close to what I’ve experienced since I got the V3 set up in January. I’ve now switched to the “normal” night mode which is in b&w and doesn’t use the starlight sensor. That shows as follows

Thanks, you’ve really laid out your case well now.

Unfortunately, other than asking about potential sources of light causing the sideways shadows in the 3/26 shot, I don’t have a theory to help. :frowning:

Excluding cloud cover, the moon was at 93% on 3/26/21 and 81% on 4/1/21. But if you had clouds on 4/1, the illumination would basically be zero.

That looks like a view for “far” night vision, as it doesn’t have any automatic man-made lighting nearby.

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Ah, okay, I understand now. It was too dark, if I had clouds, for the starlight sensor to pick up anything but whatever lights my neighbors had on. That makes sense.

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