V3 motion detection

Welcome to the forums! Always after each update, verify your settings to make sure there are where you want them. Not all the time, but sometimes updates include some new settings files that revert your set stuff.

I totally agree. I signed up the vehicle and person detection. It worked for a bit and now nothing other than the normal motion detection. Other than the nice color it gives during the daytime and nighttime it’s definitely not worth the extra money. I also put in an SD card and that no longer works either. Don’t know if it’s a bad card or the heat here in Las Vegas and it’s not even 100 yet.

I don’t know what to tell you - My V3 always picks up vehicles going down my street and so far no problems with sd card - The only problem I have is the 09 , 07 etc. error codes I get when trying to play back video clips and that is with the V2 and V3 cams - I wish they would fix that :slight_smile:

I switched to another company after being a die hard Wyze supporter and early backer. I still think they have good products (despite the Wyze Cam Outdoor) but they nag you constantly to sign up for features other brands give you for free and after about what seemed to be ten emails a day soliciting paid upgrades I made the move and left. That being said I still had a V3 cam (probably my favorite of their lineup) in my spare electronics drawer and I decided to mount it 15 feet up on the apartment building overlooking the parking lot. I set up my detection, zone and notification settings and I have yet to receive one notification of the cars going in and out of the parking lot. Like you said, good night video but no motion recording or notifications. Anyone have any ideas? If I don’t get this fixed then I’ll have to switch out cameras with another brand. problem is I don’t like their magnetic mount. Thanks!