V3: Getting tired of seeing "Getting video data..." Anyone heard from support?

Only the app crashed on my brand new Samsung Note 20. So that theory about slower hardware doesn’t hold water. Not that this excuses pushing out software/hardware that isn’t ready for the general public.

It did, for the hardware decoding problem. The point stands, using beta testers as software testers, is not a good idea.

I have had plenty of problems with Wyze production firmware releases. I do not want to be on the beta track. My goal is to only install production firmware a few days after release. It is going to be a long while before I trust them as a security company.

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I put my first camera upgraded to beta firmware outside yesterday. It is still running .

A second one has been running flawlessly on my kitchen table for 18 hours now.

The one that I put outside is still running fine. The second one gave be a “no SD card” error this morning.

its not only a v3 issue. this is all an absolute mess. i have v2 cameras that have been working decently for a while now. only recently am i getting random issues ('getting video data…") or it connects and is stuck on a frozen frame. a lot of my events say theyre a certain time length (say 1 min) but when you play it back its only a few seconds long? that or they look like theyre recorded several seconds later than the actual event. also notifications now only seem to work intermittently.

sorry wyze i’ve defended your stuff before, but you have been absolute trash now. will definitely not buy anymore wyze crap.

I suspect at least part of the problem is person detection. Too much load on the servers, I’m guessing. That’s why I disabled person detection on all my cameras, except one, where I really need it.

It used to be this was a function of the camera itself. But when they lost that software license, and then moved the functionality to the servers, I’ve noticed all kinds of slow downs.

Not all of us. I’m beta and run a mix of Android. I used to be a constant complainer about poor performance with my hardware platforms that met minimum spec, but was able to see good performance on better hardware.

If you read my post, that’s essentially what I said; poor performance on lesser mobile devices. And that’s exactly what Wyze missed because they rely on beta testers, who almost always have the better hardware.

And you were one of the most vocal complainers of the time. I wasn’t, because my devices worked well even with the hardware decoder not being used.

Finally figured something out after setting up my third V3.

Put in SD card, boot it, format card, update software, then load .228 beta.

Try to look at camera. It is stuck displaying whatever image was on it before the firmware update. Nothing I tried with the camera changes that . It does send live sound however.

All other cameras still work fine.

Closing the app and reopening it changes nothing .

Turn off phone , turn it back on. All is fine now. So, it seems to have something to do with the app.

Updated the firmware to the latest release, camera went online and things seemed fine. Worked for about 12 hours, recorded events etc. Checked it this AM, same issue. 3/3. Also so an error code 67 at one point. CAn’t figure out what that is.

Turned it off for 30 minutes, then turned it on again and it worked. For a few more hours…

Updated my ticket with helpdesk. Back to waiting.

Firmware updates weren’t cutting it with me… got a new V3 camera and all problems are solved. Maybe an antenna QC issue, I don’t know… but the new one works fine. Hit or miss on these, I guess.

Not all. Playback (from Event pages) from SD is still broken.

Did they offer a replacement?

I’m being told now that due to “small amounts of latency and packet drops” I should contact my ISP to have it resolved.

Good grief. I have a second v3 that works fine as do 2 other always on V2s. AND two other spares that I fired up for a few days. I have fiber to my home, and get around 500 up and down via wifi. Stream netflix etc via wifi with zero issues.

And so with all my other items working fine, it’s my router? Ridiculous. I spent 20 years in telecom trouble shooting stuff so it’s even more galling to tell me this.

ALL SIGNS point to the single item.

Ugh. Really frustrating. It’s a $20 item I shouldn’t have to spend all this time trouble shooting it. They should simply offer a refund/new one.

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Absolutely they should. By now they have to know there is a high percentage of defective v3 hardware and deal with it. The more they ship without facing the issue, the more overwhelmed they’ll be.

Jemely processed my replacement, if that helps.