V3 detection zones don't save

Am the only one who has to define the section area every time I switch on detection zones?

I go to settings and switch on a detection zone and it is all grey and I have to click each square in the grid to define the zone.

I then click "save"and the zone stays ok until I switch it off. The next time I switch it on all the grid is grey again and I have to define the zone again.

The zone is to stop trees triggering events on windy days but I switch it off when not needed because it seems to lower the sensitivity of movement in the zone. My cat is detected when the zone is off but not when it is on but there is no problem with people in the zone.

I have 8 V3s and they all behave the same.

I have turned off all my CamPlus detection and just use "other motion"events detection as I find the AI unreliable for my use - Very few people move through the zone but many different animals do and they all got tagged as “pets”

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I like the suggestion you have here to save the detection zone like this even when it is switched off. We can always reset/clear it if we want to start over.

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The reason it makes sense to me is that the trees stay in the same place so once set up I wouldn’t need to change the zone - just switch it on when it is windy.

Have you noticed any change in sensitivity when the zone is switched on or off?

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I have not paid close attention to the sensitivity when the zone is on or off.

I do know some time ago some people noticed a sudden change in sensitivity in general, but I did not really notice anything since I keep most of my cameras at 100% sensitivity since I have Cam Plus.

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Mine have always been at 100%.

They do seem less sensitive when the zone is switched on though.

I have a tablet with Tinycam showing the live feed and I often see my cat and various bits of wildlife walk across the tablet screen but no notification comes through and no event had been recorded. When the zone is switched off then they are recorded and I get a notification. My cat especially always walks the same path every day.

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