V3 Cameras red light

Try to disconnect power for 2 sec. in the camera with 128GB and check if it is still working :slight_smile:

They don’t support 128 GB cards, however I have run them since v2 and in my pan cams no problem. I don’t think that should be an issue. I currently have no operating V3 cams, just dead ones. I don’t see cards bricking the camera in that way. Perhaps possible card errors but not changing anything else in the chipset to make the cam inoperable. I have seen a ton of posts about this problem but most of them don’t mention if they are using a SD card or power cycling. Many do say though that it’s happening after a failed firmware update. Think I will take one apart to see if anything looks crispy inside it.

It just occurred to me after reading lately with all these V3’s that stopped working. I wonder if everyone is also checking the power adapter? @Garretsdaddio, I see you mention you had a problem around the same time as a power outage. If the Wyze cam is less than $30, with power adapter, the adapter can’t be worth/cost much more than $2ish. So, I encourage anyone with a problem camera to check the power adapter too.

I don’t even use the adapters that came with my Wyze cameras, unless I am also using their cable. Most of my cameras are using a much longer non-Wyze cable, so, I bought a handful of 2.3 amp adapters to insure there’s adequate power reaching the camera.

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You might try removing the SD card during setup, and insert after you have it going. Re SD cards, I can get abt 2 weeks of continuous video on a 32gb card if I set the video quality down to SD from HD.

I thought the SD and HD setting was for streaming quality and not SD card recording quality. I thought that I compared file sizes on my SD card after changes on my V2’s and they had no difference. About 4 days for a 32 gb card no matter if set to HD or SD.

Well, I just checked, and yer right, I only have about 4 days of video on the 32gb SD card. I dont think I dreamed 2 weeks, maybe an upgrade changed that. Oh, on another camera, a V2, I have 5.5 days of video on the SD card, but it’s set to Event Only recording and no sound and video is set to SD quality. That camera, when I first got it, was monitoring an indoor room with very little activity and that may have been when I got 2 weeks on the SD card.

So what’s the issue/question