V3 camera - allow continuous recording more than 9 days

Tell me about. I’m glad I transitioned to TFL and Medicare.

I have the same, TFL and Medicare. I’m in it for the $$$$. I just scored a $2,300 a month retirement pay raise from the Military in June, soon to be a $3,600 per month retirement pay raise for a total of $8,600 per month. :upside_down_face:

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Never heard of Gibibyte. Is that a mistype or a new term unfamiliar to me?


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@Seapup @Antonius Thank you both for your service. You deserve all or more than you can get.

I figured 8 years was enough for me and went hi-tech. I didn’t want to lose my technical edge.

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Anyway thanks for all the answers on the desire to have 3-4 weeks of recordings available. I usually do not wander off for more than 10 days and I review via remote access if I do. If I see something interesting I will playback and download it. I don’t think I have the attention span to go through the amount of recordings from a 3-4 week period. :grin:

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okay. Nice derailment with gibibytes.

I’ll clarify. Don’t you dare delete footage from the SD card unless doing so is absolutely mandatory to prevent a write failure due to filesystem full E_NOSPACE kernel error. If we buy a 1tb microsd card, we get a tibibyte of video on the card before it starts clearing old video to make space for new.

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Wow. I am learning new words today. Thanks.

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The standardized terminology gibibyte is not new, it’s just the way to indicate you’re talking about Binary calculations instead of decimal calculations.

Having said that, I unofficially half wonder if it’s a Mandela effect example that you and I and others were swapped into this alternate universe, because when I was studying computers in both tech college and also university, I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning -ibibytes… We just got an explanation of the difference, but not a special -ibibyte word. :man_shrugging: I mean I heard of megabyte and megabit but not mebibyte.

Now out of the blue those -ibibyte words are used a lot. So I’m claiming it’s a new multi-verse we got sucked into somehow because nobody used to use those words and now they do and they say they’ve always been used.
Just roll with it and enjoy the new universe we got sucked into buddy.


Language changes. Some language spreads faster than other, depending on the kinds of folks you speak with. If you were working in the mass storage industry, you probably heard about gibi vs giga. I was a software engineer for most of my career, and never encountered this until a couple of years ago, when I realized that sometimes storage specs showed “Gib” rather than GB. I never cared too much about the relatively small difference.

In any event, you can learn more about the introduction of the term (in the mid-90’s) at this Wikipedia link.


Interesting. Thanks for the link to the history.

I was doing a tech college in '98 for Computer certifications, and it wasn’t in any info at all, then in University I took some computer science classes in 2001 (thinking I would do that as a major at first), and there was still no mention of it.

Then in 2018-2019 I completed another tech college specifically for Software technology, and still no mention of it in any of my courses or textbooks.

Then around 2020 I saw it mentioned somewhere and looked it up and felt like I was in the twilight zone. I mean, I knew all about the decimal vs binary counting differences for all that time and always explained it to people. My education had definitely gone over all that, I knew all about it…but nobody had ever written anything as MiB except for Hollywood using Will Smith to talk about Aliens, or GiB or anything. All that terminology just magically appeared out of the blue…and I was even trained in higher education in the computer and tech field and still it seemed to come out of nowhere.

I know realistically it’s been around since the 90’s or whatever…but it sure seems like one of those Mandella Effects where it just suddenly changed and appeared out of nowhere, so I like my multiverse theory. :slight_smile:

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I agree. Wonder where I will wake up tomorrow.

Luckily I am open to learn new tricks, but not the odd ones.

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True. Good trivia but it’s not life changing. Luckily it doesn’t affect my portfolio.