V2 rtsp feedback - other cameras drop on the network


new to this forum but had the same problem with the wyse cam dropping - used the settings rom another wifi cam i had and boom no more dropping of the network for the rtsp stream - not much lag either on blue iris i will post when i get home from work

i guess using http in the setting vs rtsp worked really well for latency and changing the frame rate to 30 fps made a huse difference in the ability to keep the stream alive .

I havent seen it drop to that nosignal page in 4 days b4 it would drop ever fre hrs some times even minutes


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Thanks for that. I’d like to try it out, but what firmware version are you running?


How does this work as HTTP if the protocol provided is RTSP? And do you still have the /live at the end of the URL? I tried setting up in iSpy as HTTP using your example but it didn’t work for me…

*Noticed your option to send RTSP keep-alives while doing HTTP… Guess I don’t understand enough about protocols for that to make sense to me…


no live at the end just the IP of the cam. yes im using firmware version rtsp beta 2.
it still uses RTSP but configured differently

*The /live goes in the video path
*Port :554
*not sure if the ONVIF port is really relevant
*Audio sucks
*havent tried the PTZ control

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