V2 Recorded Pink Flash

Recently one of my black V2 cameras when activated to see the live feed, it will record motion showing a pink flash just after it makes that clicking nigh vision lens noise. I’m pretty sure it’s the IR light flashing because my other black V2 recorded the pink flash looking towards that room. Anyone else see something like this?

Hiii! My camera actually recorded a pink flash after I switched to live stream this morning! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Maybe it’s a glitch?

Now I noticed that my Pan camera did it too! But clearly this is a glitch (bug), in a recent software update. Getting Wyze to look into it and come up with a fix, is another matter because they’re too busy making new products instead of fixing what they already have.

One thing I did notice about this issue is that if I turn off Night Vision mode, then there is no pink flash. And now all my V2 cameras have this issue!

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Turning off Night Vision mode or the IR lights the camera will still records a pink flash.