V2 plugs not connecting

No other way to do this than to tell the whole story:
I had FOUR Wyze V1 plugs fail when I lost the Internet (due to a road accident taking out an Xfinity installation). No one could figure out why. Wyze was nice enough to replace the plugs (with V2). Now, though, none of the new plugs connect. I’m using them in the same locations for the same circuits the old plugs controlled (for over a year), so I can’t see why there is a difference. I follow the steps up to “Pairing with your plug.” I’ve gone so far as to have the phone NEXT TO the plug, but all that happens is “Ensure your phone is near your plug - Try again.”

I’ve sent emails to Wyze support, but got no response. After their efforts to resolve my first problem, I’m surprised I haven’t heard from them. Anyway, if I can’t resolve this, I’m just going to have to resort to using plugs from someone else - there’s lots out there.

Stupid question: do you have bluetooth enabled on your phone?

LIke @WildBill indicated, the v2 plugs require Bluetooth to be turned on in order to pair them. To verify this, you can look at the underside of the plug and you should see a Key Symbol.

Unless I’m mistaken, the Bluetooth connection was just prior to the step the plug hangs in. Maybe there’s more to the Bluetooth step than I think, but I’m certain, anyway, Bluetooth is, and has been, turned on on my phone.

I would ltry to do a Factory Reset then. Below is what you do. I realize the blue light is flashing, but press and hold the power button on the side for about 20 seconds, when the light flashes blue quickly, it is ready to be paired.

That message implies to me that the phone cannot connect via bluetooth. You’d get a different message if the plug was unable to connect to the network. You might want to check bluetooth and see if you need to forget the plug as a device.

Did you ever verify that they are V2s?

I actually have both, so I look at the bottom to find the key, so yes I did when I was setting things up and testing. :slight_smile: