V2 light sensor keeps clicking



I have several v1’s and now 10(ten) v2’s that i ordered a while back, that i just got around to start setting up>

the very first V2, that replaced a V1 with night vision set to auto, clicks incessantly in low light, off an on off an on. firmware is updated. The V1 did not do this.
anything i can do to alleviate this?
i haven’t unpacked the other 9 yet…if they all do this the house will be clicking all the time.


Ya I second that, could we please adjust the light threshold. Around the sweet spot to flip it between the two, it flickers back off and then on.


I have one right now that is just clicking no matter what setting I put it. Off/On/Auto…I still get the incessant clicking. It is in my bedroom and it started last night. I unplugged it, plugged it in again.

Has anyone found a way to stop it? Reset it? Uninstall/then reinstall? Move it to a new location? Take out the SD Card?

Any ideas would be helpful!


Can anyone from Wyecam address this please?

I have 9 more units new in the box, it they are all going to do this then all 10 are coming back to you.

I am becoming more and more dis-enchanted with this product.



I moved the camera and it did the same thing.

Then, I took out the SD card and it stopped.

I found that the SD card was full, I formatted the card and returned it to the camera. No problems.

Secondary question: If the card fills up, does the camera not write over the older files? Or do we have manual empty/upload/delete/ and then re-format the card?



I don’t have an sd card in the one that is clicking


As soon as I took my v2 out of “auto” mode on the nightvision it stopped clicking, this of course happened right at dusk.

You could always open a support ticket if you can’t wait for a response in the forum.


I always figured it was probably a relay or some sort of magnetic noise (inductor coil bouncing) to switch on the four IR LEDs.

For a relay I’d be tempted to go in and figure out a solid-state version, or tune the sensor myself to be a little more hysteretical, but according to the photos at https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/wyze-cam-autopsy/, it seems like the light sensing on the V2 is now baked into the firmware rather than being on its own circuit, and there is no big component shown in those photos that one could attribute this noise to. Unless that’s an inductor on the back of the board that could be easily glued up with RTV.


What you are hearing is the mechinizum that switches the IR filter in and out of the light path. The issue has been discussed several times here. My guess is that a firmware change will add enough hysteresis to the control so that it only switches once.



and what has been offered by Wyzecam as far as a remedy?


to ad, i unpacked and setup 4 more of the 9 left that i have.
clicks back and forth between on and off in a low light setting.