V2 Cam no longer detects motion

I think I’m late :slightly_smiling_face: but it could be useful in the future…
Motion detection is made by software. If you can connect to the camera and view the live stream, then the hardware (lens, sensor, processor, WiFi module, antenna, etc.) is working Ok. That was a clue that it should be a software problem (configuration, firmware, Wyze app on the phone, or something on Wyze’s servers).

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Being a hardware guy, I love to blame software, :wink: but… if my other V2 cameras work with .241 firmware, what makes this camera different?

Being a software guy, I love to blame… third party software :slightly_smiling_face: I really don’t know. But I strongly suspect there are different batches of V2 with differences at hardware level. I have one V2 that placed in a particular spot barely connected to my WiFi. I tried a lot of workarounds to no avail. I finally put a different V2 in that spot, and it connects with 3 bars.
The first V2 works fine, but has less WiFi range… Maybe your V2 has some weird hardware difference that makes it not compatible with .241 firmware? I don’t know, you are the hardware guy :grinning:

Sounds like you understand hardware too! :wink: Now is it a design difference or something in the hardware that failed? :thinking:

I was going to suggest reverting to an earlier version of F/W (199 wasn’t too bad). I know most of mine are no longer getting motion after turning motion off and then re-enabling it. It seems that the current F/W has issues and has them for over a month.

I had to reset the sensitivity on my V2 about a week ago. Seems like the latest update adjusted something.

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