V2 cam event recording cloud playback issue [stalls after 2 seconds; affects multiple V2 cams]

I have three v2 cams, all up-to-date firmware, rock solid wireless connections, no Cam Plus (but paying for Person Detection on them all). Local SD cards recording of events is flawless, all triggering motion detection events and firing notifications as they should, flagging a person, etc.

Problem is cloud playback of the captures. I’ll get the alert and most of the time (80%+) playback of the 12 second clip of the event recorded from the cloud fails. It will load the video, start to play, and then stop two seconds in. Nothing I do will get it to play (though I can tap Playback to review via the local SD card, and that plays fine, so kinda a work around). I can come back 20 minutes later and review again, and it’ll play fine.

WiFi isn’t the issue (I build wifi networks as part of my job and have a solid wireless mesh at home). All v3 cams work fine. I’ve also brought the cameras, to rule out the network, to a second location (rural location, solid wireless LAN, brutal WAN/internet connection—only .5Mbps up) and same issue. All v3 cams work fine, WCO works fine, but the v2s all suffer the same issue.

I’ve reset the devices to factory default, re-flashed the firmware, etc., and just consistently getting cloud playback issues on the v2s.

I don’t remember when this started to happen—sometime in the last 3-4 months? But wasn’t an issue before that, and started to happen to all cameras around the same time.

Wondering if there’s any suggestions beyond the troubleshooting I’ve already done?


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I have the exact same problem, and others are also having this problem…

I have the Wyze doorbell camera, an outdoor camera, three V1 cameras, six V2 cameras and a V3 camera. The only cameras that have this problem are the V2 cameras. I’ve tried everything to resolve this but nothing works. Getting Wyze to admit this is a problem and correct it is next to impossible because Wyze’s developers are essentially hopeless. Every time they attempt to fix a problem they introduce three or four new problems. I cringe each time they issue a new firmware or iOS app version. I wish they could do something about their developers because I have absolutely no confidence that this problem will ever be fixed.

I have the exact same issue, I started when the cameras were upgraded to for me.

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I have similar issue - unable to Playback. Hangs and eventually says no SD card - I have SD card in the cameras forever. Captures and notifies OK but not able to see Playback. Started around 5/4/2021. Camera V2. Seems to happen after firmware updated to

Such a bummer. I love WYZE and am all-in with the company knowing it’s more hobby-hardware vs reliable hardware (couldn’t imagine trusting a door lock or thermostat or anything else I’d need to rely on), but still super frustrating when good products are handcuffed by incompetent developers and poor support. This is the main reason I haven’t subscribed to Cam Plus; local SD card playback is the only thing that works for me on my v2 cams, so can’t see paying for a service knowing it’s not going to work.

same issue - 2-4 months now