V1 vs V2 comparisons



That’s true. However, in the same set of pictures, the doormat, the cardboard next to it, the rugs or towels, and what’s on the bench appear to be sharper in the top picture and almost blurry in the bottom picture.


IMO Night Vision is markedly better. Daytime vision is modestly improved vs V1. Regardless, these $20 cameras completely negate the need to waste $200 on a Nest Indoor Camera or up to $300 for a Nest Outdoor Camera. I use the Wyze cameras indoor in my Florida home and outdoor in a cage covered 40 x 40 Lanais. The outdoor camera is protected from the elements and works great. My Indianapolis home features a Nest Cam Indoor and a Nest Cam Outdoor. I purchased the Nest products (wasted $400) before I learned of the Wyze products. I will NEVER buy another Nest camera. The price simply cannot be justified. For the price of TWO NEST CAMERAS I COULD HAVE PURCHASED TWENTY WYZE CAMS AND GOTTEN REMARKABLY SIMILAR VIDEO QUALITY AND FREE CLOUD STORAGE !!!


Put the second V2 cam at the location. It turns out the second V2 cam focus is much better than the 1st V2.

I have opened a ticket to request an exchange for the 1st V2 cam which is out of focus and defective.

Hope my other 11 V2 cams won’t have this out of focus problem.



Got my v2 and it’s a pretty mixed bag here. In some conditions (well lit) the image quality is much better than the v1. In some conditions, video is blurry and seems to be low framerate. Night vision is much worse! It makes a very audible click when it turns on/off that can wake up my baby (did I mention I’m using it as a babycam?). In low light conditions it seems to “hunt” and turn night vision on and off a lot, making lots of annoying click sounds.

I’m still very pleased with it because of the low price, but I think I actually like my v1 better. I put the v1 back as a babycam and placed the v2 in a more well-lit area.


Were these photos taken with the “take photo” or were they extracted from a video (with something like VLC)? The reason I ask is that there could be differences in the compression applied to photos vs video.

Unfortunately focus is something that firmware can’t fix. It would be interesting to put both camera side by side so you can compare same scene with same lighting conditions. And when you have them side by side, then get something with a high contrast pattern and move it close and far from the camera to see it if a focus problem, or a defective lens or IR cut filter (like a cataract) that cause everything to be blurry.


The 2 pictures were taken by the app’s “take photo”. The door stucco walls close to the camera are clear whereas the floor mat , just ~ 8+ feet down, is already out of focus. The other V2 cam does not have this problem. I will open another V2 cam to see whether it is in focus, hopefully :-), or not.


Not just the price. But set up is so easy. Also I don’t need to open/forward port in using tinycam pro to view the cameras together with my many other foscam cameras. I just need to reserve IP addresses and assign channel numbers 1-4 for the 4 (2 V1 and 2 V2) cams set up so far. For the foscam cams I had to open/forward different port # for every one of them! I really hope Wyze Lab will fix all issues with V2 and make it a great success for them and customers !!


Check out Wyze Cam Autopsy, spray painted job @ https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/wyze-cam-autopsy/

Note: taking apart and reassembly is tricky.


I’ve updated my V2 camera to the firmware and while the image is a little better but I still believe it lacks the detail of the V1 camera. Examples are the garage door again and the grass in the front yard. The V2 appears to have a softer picture setting and more jpeg compression being applied. I really hope this is a software issue and not caused by an inferior sensor in the new V2 cameras. Images below were created using the “take photo” feature and uploaded unedited to this post.





And as someone else mentioned I am also seeing slightly more fisheye effect in the V2 image. It is really easy to see when I’m flipping back and forth between the images on the computer.



This is part of the reply from support regarding my out-of-focus camera :

“There was an issue with the algorithm the pieces the camera image together, especially around the edges. We have made some improves in a recent firmware update to We are continuing to work on the image quality issue and will have more updates to come.”

Looks like your garage door is on the edge and hopefully future updates will improve the details of the image.

So far I have set up 3 V2. One is very clear. One is bit not that clear on the edges. And one is out of focus.


I wrapped one of mine in black electrical tape. It looks much better than Sharpie.


Just received 12 version 2 and it is out of focus…

I was happy with version 1 and I haven’t tested other version 2. I hope there will be update on version 2 on focus since I want to return it if this keeps up!


uploaded front of my house which is version 1 and my backyard is version 2. They are both set at HD???


Any thoughts ??


Perhaps it’s focused on the railing?


Open a ticket and they will replace the out of focus ones.

I was in similar situation. Ordered 13 V2 since I was very happy with my two V1, only 8 or 9 have good focus. The remaining few, couple are completely out of focus like yours and others are a bit out of focus. This focus thing cannot be fixed by firmware update.

They really have to fix the focus thing since your cameras should be recently manufactured and still have this seriously out of focus problem.