V1 is now EOL

No, they introduced the Hub around that time. Since the Hub replaces the Bridge, they didn’t add the USB port on the back of the V3.

But the V1 should continue to work, so its Bridge should too. They just aren’t making new versions of firmware for the camera.

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Haha, is that supposed to be different that what they’ve (not) been doing in the past? :laughing:

I know it’s an old thread. I just found that line funny.

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It’s not just funny, it’s actually the smoking gun. They knew that there was an exploit at the time they wrote that. They weren’t declining to patch “new security vulnerabilities” found by active monitoring. They were secretly refusing to patch a known 3 year old vulnerability. It’s the only part of their actions that was indisputably wrong.


Probably should have said: The use of the V1 has always been at risk and since it’s not able to be patched, we really should have discouraged its use 3 years ago when the exploit was discovered… we bad! But, hey, our devotees love us anyway!


There is a lot of contradiction in Wyze’s statements.

This is from their End-of-Life Policy.

  • When determining the FDOS, Wyze will typically seek to allow for the following legacy support periods:
    • Up to one (1) year of continued warranty support from the EOL notice date for any Product that is covered by the Wyze Limited Warranty at such time (in accordance with the Wyze Return Policy and Limited Warranty Terms).
    • One (1) year of continued offering and support of subscription services.
    • One (1) year of bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds or patches for critical bugs, as determined by Wyze in its sole discretion, from the EOL notice date. Wyze customers may be required to install newer software versions to receive any of the above continued software support.

I guess Wyze hasn’t determined this to be a critical bug.

I am consistent in thinking they owe us nothing in the way of updates. My impression is Wyze produces updates more frequently than many others do. Other more expensive products never get updates and we live with it. So it is strange they sat on this so long. The non-disclosure is what’s concerning as well as the extremely misleading quote cited above.

The only workaround or patch, that makes sense, for the critical bug on the V1 cameras, is a patched V2 camera.

It’s a stupidly worded policy that can’t be followed without replacing hardware.


IMHO- The volumes of updates are because wyze pushes out beta products/firmware so there is a constant stream of fixes. Sometimes they add cloud based features or tweak a hardware based feature to try to squeeze out some reliability or whatever - everything requires more firmware patches. Meanwhile much of the hardware is cut very lean so there is only so much space for code. I’m guess the V1 capacity for added code was at the end of the line so only option was to orphan it. I’m not a programmer or hardware engineer, it’s just how it appears to me. Meanwhile, there is no excuse for sitting on any type of security flaw for 3 years regardless of how minor or how difficult it may be to achieve. Living in SoFlo, I’m more aware than ever at many bad actors there are who will take advantage of anything and everything.


You think SoFlo is bad, SoCal is lousy with 'em.


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Not sure if anyone has had the same experience as me. My V1s continued to work flawlessly until I recently swapped routers (same settings, confirmed 2.4g, etc). Prior to cloning the old network, I initially pressed the reset button on one cam and found it can’t complete setup. The router sees the incoming request and assigns an IP but setup still fails to complete. Yes Wyze, the router shows you that stuff so I can see the WiFi chip is still fine.

My hunch is Wyze added script into either the last firmware update to this camera or the app itself just before they ended support to prevent setup completion. They ironically hadn’t released a firmware update for almost a year but decided to update these a week before they killed support which is…odd.

My recommendation. Be careful on changing networking hardware. This feels like a push to get me to buy another camera when my V1 was fine. After the hacking incident and backtracking on recognition, I won’t be purchasing more of any model from them. Too bad.

Good luck out there.

It seems it doesn’t take a network devices change to disable cam v1. Mine automatically stopped working (offline) about 2 weeks ago, like around early June. There was reboot of it (due to power outage from thunderstorm). Previously, it always came back alive. I didn’t change anything so I think that would be the only reason. My other v3’s did come back fine.

I use that v1 for indoor in garage to ensure garage door is closed (lol) so I don’t really have security or privacy concerns. Is there a way to revive that v1 for my use case?

Yes, it’s reportedly unintended and they’re working on it.

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