V1 Camera and TinyCam Pro (Mac OS)



I have implemented the NoxPlayer on my iMac in order to run TinyCam Pro. Not quite the standalone app everyone wants to see, but it works for me.

One Note: you do need to keep ahead of the game and make sure you have the most recent VirtualBox app also to work with the NoxPlayer for Mac OS Mojave; I have had to “update VB twice.” The VB version that NoxPlayer pulls in when it installs won’t work with Mojave.

I have 5 cameras (1V1, 2V2 and 2 Pan). Up until the recent WYZE firmware upgrades I had no problems with any of the cameras and TinyCam Pro. I updated the V1 camera to and immediately started to have problems with that Camera and TimyCam Pro. I kept getting the TinyCam error: P2P Camera Offline. All the other cameras functioned and displayed just fine with TinyCam. (NOTE: ALL cameras work with the WYZE app without any problems.)

It has taken a bit to go through things piecewise to eliminate other possible sources of the problem. I have done all that and have finally come down to the fact that the problem started just after the firmware upgrade. I have the capability of flashing the rom in the camera but, am embarrassed to say I don’t remember (forgot to write down) the previous version of the firmware; a little help would be appreciated. Once I go back in firmware and if the problem goes away … so on and so forth.

Unless, of course, this is an already know problem with the latest V1 firmware and TinyCam Pro.

Thanks for any help. Jet


Just search for “firmware” in the Support link at the top of this page and you’ll find the firmware flash instructions which contains a link to download any of the previous firmwares.


Anybody who may have read this before - I have discovered something else that may be causing the reported Tiny Cam P2P Camera Offline error with V1 cameras. As soon as I get some definitive data, I’ll report back.