V 2.15.41 , worst update ever released

It is already struggling. It takes forever to actually review these “detections” Sensitivity is good but I am getting 40 or 50 in a pitch dark night (I live way out in the country) from I don’t know what, meteors?

Must be invisible aliens.

Google will push updates at will for their tentacle botnet.

This, in general, unfortunately. I only update if there is a known serious security issue, a desired feature, or if I’m tricked / forced. Of course Windows 10 has essentially prevented that (even for corporations - ever try to stop Teams updates?). I’m particularly perplexed by people thinking they need to update something as simple as a smart plug or bulb (or working camera).

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335 events in 8 hours. 10 were people.

Wyze cameras- we can make sprinkler controls, headphones, vacuums, watches, masks, and other stuff but we can’t deliver a firmware update that doesn’t turn to crap.

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If you want to help wyze with the new detection mode:

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There is a simpler way to revert back to a previous firmware version.

Open the cameras settings, click on where it shows you the firmware verion you’re currently on.
It should take you to a new screen, at the bottom of this screen, it asks “having problems?”
Click on that, and it’ll take you to a list of previous firmware versions, if you click on any on of them, it’ll update your camera to that version.
Note, you’ll need to get back to version 199 to get the old style of detection zone setup BUT the screen only supplies a few old versions, so if you’re on version 218, you’ll need to go back to 213 first, then do it again to get 199 as a listed version to go back to.
I’ve gone through this several times now…but it’s a lot easier than downloading it and flashing it from the sd card.

For beta versions only, correct?

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Oops, yes that’s probably true… :confused:
Could anyone with non beta firmware confirm if this is in fact the case?
Well, signing up for beta testing takes a minute, still beats flashing from sd card for me, mine are mounted outside in weather proof cases, a real pita to flash.

Since the last update my outdoor cam does not send any notification’s for motion. It also cuts out the video from time to time. any suggestions?

Same issue on all my cams too

I’m not on beta. Does not allow me to revert to previous firmware. How do I get on beta?

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Thanks for the information, if you are on Android, go to the Play store and find the Wyze app, in the about app section, there is a link to join their beta program, I’m not sure about apple’s app store, but it’s probably the same, just look for the beta program link in the app description on the store.
Once you’ve joined, it’ll take an hour or so before get access to the beta stuff, just keep going back to the store and check for updates.
There’s also a link on wyze support page.

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Thank you!

Or you can use this link:

It looks like for ios there’s a few additional steps to join.


For me, as an android user; the last update (camera and app) make useless all of my 4 cameras, I bought the cam plus yearly plan to months ago; it us to work just fine the first month, then updates make my cameras go dumb after 2 days of working; I had to reset to continue recognizing persons and get notifications of it, but after the latest update not detects motion correctly, and not even mention that 0% person detection and notification of that detection, all of the cam plus features are useless (in my case) with the new update, I know that this cameras are cheap and its awesome that wyze want to improve the performance and versatility of their cams with updates, but as a cam plus paid member I demand good quality control over the updates (cameras and app), I know that wyze is releasing the v3 and it might be they new product to focus, but as I mentioned, v2 owners still paying for cam plus and it is inaceptable for us as costumers to update the software and get an useless camera.



Update: My mail carrier was robbed at gunpoint right outside my house and I have 0 footage from the day because of this update.

Thanks Wyze! Helping those felons out by not using your beta channel for clearly beta updates.

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I have to agree the last update is terrible. I had to turn my detection off because I couldn’t stop the detection of leaves on a tree across the street and that caused multiple issues and no real activity on the Wyze cam. I had dozens of pictures of leaves. Generally I just let this kind of update go until the next one corrects it but this needs to be fixed now.

It will be salt on wound if the mail carrier was trying to deliver your Wyze V3, Headphone?