Using Wyze on Windows/Linux



For those who have been wondering, there is no app in existence for Windows or Linux, however, you can use an emulator and then drop the Wyze APK into the emulator. Apps like KoPlayer and MemuPlay are installable Windows Apps, and are connected via network, HOWEVER, these apps are not supported by Wyze and I am sure Wyze shuns the idea, you are putting yourself at risk for account comprimization. Research your methods for safe emulators, there are many out there. Goodluck guys!

You can see the screenshot below for proof that it works, my cat appears to be laying on the bed in the dark.

Edit: Windows of Linux to Windows or Linux, thanks /u/rckymtnrfc for pointing that out.



grab a microsd card, put the firmware on it, and voila! the camera now supports RTSP, so you can use zoneminder etc, to monitor the camera. It opens the door to many monitoring apps on many platforms. There is also Xiaomi DaFang Hacks fw to enable RTSP. Its a game changer. A 25$ camera with RTSP support. Awesome.