Using cam w/o it connecting to wyze servers

Has anyone been able to figure out ir get an answer from Wyze how or if the cam could be used without it be in contact with wyze servers?

I want to be able to view the live feed or saved footage on the SD card through my phone. However I dont want Wyze having access to the cam or saving any footage.

Ideally I would like to do this either when I’m on the same wifi network or not. In a sense I want to eliminate the company from the process.

Ie: my phone using app connecting to my router (wifi or internet conection) connecting to cam. Bypassing Wyze servers.

Simular to a web cam but with all the Wyze cam features. FYI not interested in getting alerts, cloud storage or person detection. Only care about seeing live stream or review recordings on SD card.

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I believe you still have to link the camera to your account even with RTSP.

I’m going to assume two things.

  1. You’re not familiar with the way capitalism works in America
  2. You’re not very business savvy.

Wyze produces the cameras at a net loss in order to increase their market penetration.
Their business model allows for them to make up for loss revenue via add-on services.
For them to allow us or guide us on how to use these wi-fi cameras WITHOUT connecting to their servers would be the equivalent of Corporate Sanctioned Suicide on their part.
They have share holders to answer to.
Did you know that Microsoft produced the original X-Box at a net loss?
They made up for it via video game sales.