Using a different USB power adapter



I need to plug a camera into a small area and need to use a shorter/different adapter. Is there any problem with using a USB adapter plug that is designed for cell phone/device charging? Anything special I need to consider?


The adapter that comes with Wyzecam is 1 Amp (1000 mA). The adapter you substitute should be the same or greater. I doubt you will find a cellphone adapter that’s lower power, but there are a few 500 mA ones out there.




I have kind of same question with specific information. I have adapter which outputs 12V, 1.5A.

Would it work with Wyze Cam v2?
If so, how many Wyze Cam v2 I can run simultaneously from the adapter?


These cams need FIVE VOLTS (5V DC)
Twelve volts would undoubtedly kill any 5-volt device very quickly.
DO NOT connect!


You need a 12V to USB converter. One example of many available here:

It should power 3 V2s. However, you might as well get a 3amp USB wall charger for about the same $.