Is a legitimate website sponsored by Wyze or is it a fraud site? It show that I can upgrade my cameras. There is no branding on the site, it looks suspicious. Please advise.


I am not seeing anything related to that. When I ping it, I get a reply back from Amazon AWS. I would only rely on cameras updating through the official Wyze app. Anything different, could cause you issues.

More specifically the ping came back with beta api us west servers.

Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn would know.

Note: The link may look like that but it could be masked as a different link.


I can’t even load it so I’d go ahead and stay away. Thanks for checking!


I’m thinking it’s a site that was masked with that URL.

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Oh, wait. This might be the website we used during an outage a while back so that people could opt-in to upgrading their firmware so they could use other servers in North America outside of the US. I’m going to check on this.

Even if it is, we have bulk firmware uploads available in the Wyze app now so we’d recommend not using it anyway.


Yup! That’s us but usually this isn’t something that we recommend for the public to use. Sorry for spacing that!


I wanted to make sure. That’s why I called you in. :slight_smile:

I’ll go hide in my corner now.

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Thanks guys for the quick response. Wyze may want to disable the link to the site. It come up on the top of my list when I search for Wyze login. Cheers…



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Thanks for the screenshot.

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Thanks. We are looking into getting it disabled now.


The site is now closed to the public. Thanks for bringing this up! :slight_smile:

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