User selection should be done via the scale.

Currently, I have to select which user is stepping on the scale for their weight to be tracked correctly. This means my phone has to be at the scale before my kids step on the scale. This should be done by the scale. All info should be stored in the scale per user until my phone performs a sync with the scale.

When a user steps on the scale, the scale should determine who this user is by their weight. If weights are close, then the user can select their name by leaning to one side or the other. Once their profile is recognized by the scale, the weight, fat mass, and heart rate should be taken and stored per user until a sync is performed with my phone.

My children and wife get up after I do and do not weight until after I have already left the house. This renders the scale useless for us as a family smart scale.

Good suggestion. I wonder if a firmware update could fix this.