User feedback when sharing events to the motion person AI

Currently there’s no visual feedback which choice was tapped when choosing to send feedback (share an event video) to improve the AI. I press share, then have to choose if I saw a person or not, but there’s no indication which choice I pressed, or any way to change my answer if pressed the won’t one accidentally with fat fingers.

It would be nice if the choice tapped on changed to a grey background or something to indicate it, and there was a way to change the selection.

When you watch an clip and it asks you to submit it to Wyze to help improve the AI, it doesn’t give you and option for straight out “false” detections. I can mark a a clip that was a pet that was really a human but I cannot mark a clip that said it was a person/pet and there was no person or pet at all. Would this help improve false detections of non-existing detections.

I would love to share with Wyze however categorizing what is in scene or not seen aren’t even qualifying options. I have a video that I could share that clearly Wyze is doing a great job because it “IS” catching the groundhogs. These are not Pets, or any other listed category. There should be a category for Wildlife or Animals. Also should clearly give a category to Shadows. I get green squares showing shadows. LOL
Yes, I have Wyze green motion detect what it is they seem to be detecting.