Use Wyze camera Pan as video input

I want to use my pan came with zoom or any application and have it follow me as I move about the room.

Someone might have done this. Can’t find it.


The PanCam is NOT a web cam. There is web cam firmware for some of the cameras but I doubt that any of them have the tracking piece setup, if they work with the PanCam at all.

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I saw a cam base and thought have the lens do it. Read somewhere there was flash code to get wyze cams to export in some standard image format which might then be used as if it was a webcam with great tracking.

The pan cam can take the webcam firmware, but that removes all app functionality, pan scanning etc. Turns it into a stationary webcam that when plugged into a computer using a USB a to USB a cord is a “hd webcam” device.

You can load RTSP firmware on the original Pan Cam (not the new V2 Pan Cam - yet).
That will retain the normal Pan features, and you can watch it on a computer via software such as VLC or BlueIris.

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Not the OP’s request. Needs Zoom and tracking.

Correct. Pan cam does not have zoom. Does have tracking.

The OP means the app for online meetings: ZOOM.

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I’ll take your word on it. Not the way I read his request.

From the original post…


Found this on the inner tubes: