Use 'invisible' 940nm IR LEDs so the IR lights don't glow red

It’s not possible to use the cameras in night vision mode without being detected because the IR LEDs are 850nm and therefore have a faint, but visible, red glow to them. NOT very discrete. I realize the 940nm may not offer the same distance of illumination, but for those who need discrete monitoring, that’s OK. Maybe offer it as an option?

The wyze cam pan has invisible LED so yeah, we know it is possible to have invisible LED. I predict that the wyze cam V3 would have invisible LED.

I should have noticed that. I have the cam pan as well and didn’t think about it. I guess because the glow isn’t there I don’t see it. LOL


I was going to request the 940nM LED’s also but searched here first. I hope this does become available. My question now is in the mean time, will the V2 work with a stand alone 940nM emitter? Searching the web it seem that cameras designed for 850nM will not work or at least not work well with 940nM LEDs. Has anyone tested this before I go to the expense and effort?