USB powered infrared PIR motion sensor

The current Wyze Sense motion sensors are powered by a battery that must be replaced when it runs out. The sensors are often used in conjunction with a V2 or Pan Cam that have USB power available through the Type A USB port.

Please develop a version of the Wyze Sense motion sensor that can be powered via micro-USB. Such a sensor could be mounted in close proximity to the Wyze Cam and powered by it, eliminating the need to every change batteries.

And weather resistant too.


yes, weather resistant. I currently have several PIR sensors mounted near V2’s but they are all under eaves and protected but not sure how they will do in the cold temps with the batteries. My guess is they will die once i get into colder months. For now they work great cutting down on false alerts to having a weatherproof one of these powered via USB would be the perfect addon, or an Outdoor camera with a built in PIR :slight_smile:

I enjoy having the freedom to place my Wyze motion sensor wherever I like due to it’s battery, but I think it would also be nice to have a powered version of the motion sensor. I’ve seen people ask about the same thing but only having it attached to an existing wyze camera. I would rather have it powered by USB with a small transformer so you could place it anywhere and not have to worry about it again.